How to Understand the Real Essence of Pune in 2 Weeks

How to Understand the Real Essence of Pune in 2 Weeks

Pune is one of the most amazing cities to stay in India, especially for bachelors and bachelorettes. The city offers numerous jobs, beautiful weather, yummilicious food and warm localities.

It could be a pain to get shared accommodation for bachelors in Pune. But, it’ll be sorted if you’re a college student or found a new job in this lovely city. Lots of locals offer their houses or shared rooms or bachelors to make some extra bucks out of their property.

Now that you’ll be in Pune, let’s take a look at many experiences that will let you understand the real essence of Pune in just two weeks.

  1. Take a historic and cultural tour

With rich history dating back to 2000 years, Pune is a treasure trove of rich cultural practices and timeless historic monuments. Pune has witnessed four different eras till day namely, the Hindu, Muslim, Maratha and the British eras. The amalgamation of culture and architecture from such history builds the charm of Pune.

Visit the iconic places like the Pataleshwar Rock Temple, Dargah of Shaikh Salla, Lal Mahal, and Kasba Ganapati to soak in the cultural vibes of Pune.

  1. Visit ABC Cheese Farm

The first and only cheese farm in Pune, ABC offers almost 70 varieties of cheese. Started in 1976 by three families, ABC cheese farm is now run by the Chinoy family. The family also runs several multi-cuisine restaurants in the city.

Visit the ABC cheese farms to dive into Pune’s cheese offerings. Taste each variety of cheese and but the best ones you like. This is the European side of Pune that most people fail to recognise.

  1. Enjoy the Puneri cuisine

Puneri cuisine is famous all over the world for its spicy curries, subtle flavours and distinct masala tastes. Puneri Missal, Kaanda Pohe, Thalipeeth, Bhakarwadi, Jhunka Bhaakar and country chicken curry are the must-try dishes to taste the Puneri flavour.

Hit Bedekar Missal any time of the week to taste the authentic Missal of Pune. Located in Narayan Peth, this eatery is serving the Missal to since 1948. What started as a humble tea stall now remains one of the most popular eateries of Pune.

After you’re done tasting the world-famous missal, visit Amriteshwar near the Nal stop signal to try the authentic Kaanda Pohe, Sabudana Khichadi and chai at 4 am. Surrounded by students satisfying their hunger pangs after a long night study session and party goers attending to their food cravings in the middle of the night, Amriteshwar invariably becomes the must-visit eatery in Pune.

Visit Chitale for authentic Puneri preparations like Bhakarwadi, shrikhand and other snack items and you will not be disappointed.

  1. Go on a trek near Pune

The absolutely beautiful weather of Pune arrives from the strategic location of the city. Nestled amidst the Sahyadri mountain range, Pune offers beautiful options to hike safely amidst the gorgeous valleys and beatific green hills.

You will witness unique landscapes when you trek to the ancient forts built by the Marathas on mountain peaks and get to eat the rural Puneri cuisine like Jhunka Bhaakar with achaar and buttermilk on your hike to these places. Ensure that you rent an apartment to stay in Pune before heading out. You wouldn’t have the energy to hunt for accommodation after the long walks and memorable experiences in Sahyadris.

  1. Paraglide in Kamshet

One of the best parts of living in and around Pune is the easy access to Kamshet. This hill station is one of the top 3 places in India to paraglide. Thousands of tourists flock this place to tie parachutes and fly off the windy cliffs of Kamshet. Multiple flying schools are located in Kamshet that teach advanced level paragliding. If you don’t wish to learn or be a pilot, you could hook yourself with any of the schools for a casual flight that costs approximately Rs.3000.

Your stint of stay in Pune will be a charming one if you open the gates to allow multiple experiences approach you. All you need is a furnished house in Pune and you’re sorted to go out and explore.

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