Tips to Sell Your House in Arizona

We show you five key points or tips to sell your house successfully in Arizona. Pay close attention and you will see that you can sell your house in less than 10 weeks.

Get the commitment of your real estate agent

The commitment of your real estate agent with the sale of your home is essential to achieve success. Don’t let anyone take care of something so important. Hire your agent for the Marketing Plan that you design to sell it. Hire an agent who inspires confidence, speaks clearly and can really commit to selling your home. You will get his commitment if you also commit to him.

Meet the market, set price and create opportunity

When setting the price, you should be able to generate a clear sense of opportunity in the buyer. This is not achieved only by lowering the price. To make your home the most desired, you can increase the perceived value by carrying out Home Staging actions and combining the different principles of this list. The key is to find the balance between prices adjusted to market reality and maximize options with small investments.

Get maximum diffusion

We know what systems to use for everyone to see your home. Portals, blogs, websites, Google, social networks, direct marketing, farming techniques, drip marketing, static advertising, Open Houses and real estate collaboration agreements (MLS, shared property system) are some of the main supports in the diffusion of your property

Dress your house for success: Prepare the visits

Remember that the purchase decision is emotional, therefore a house prepared, orderly, neutral, without too many personal items, with a sense of space and well maintained, is much more attractive and desirable.

Prepare to negotiate, manage and overcome the risk

Detect the purchase signals, motivate customers, and help them make the decision: negotiation implies knowing how to exchange. Managing the risk that is generated in any negotiation is important. The preparation of documents, certificates, provision of funds and taxes are tasks that must be handled. These documents are very important so that they do not generate a risk or a breach of the agreement due to a last minute misunderstanding.

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