Support Weservemoms: Bring Single Parents and Kids under a Roof

A home is a peaceful and comfortable space for the family members. This is everyone dreams to have a home whether small or big in order to spend the life with happiness. Everyone tries to buy a home whenever he reaches a certain stage of age. In most of the cases, parents prefer to make a home where they can develop their kids in a good environment.

Lack of good living space and cooperative society is one of the major disappointments for the people. One who has a home a family can easily understand how important a home is for the people living in around him. or 858 529 5014 is working to facilitate disappointed people in the society. We request the rich persons, businessmen and organizations to donate real estate in order to make a perfect charity for the improvement of a society.

Who we serve?

Our main focus is on the homeless single parents. Our organization also takes care of the people who are on edge of homelessness.  Whatever the reason is, it would be our pleasure to find and facilitate the single parents. This community development effort also ensures that no one will face problems of food insecurity, daycare costs and affordable housing in the area. People having no or low paying jobs with burdens of taxes and loans can take advantage of this collective effort. Donate houses in order to reduce their sufferings and pains.

Get dedicated charitable fund:

This is another great benefit of donating the property to charity. We encourage the donors to think about dedicated charitable fund because it may be an additional saving option. It is no longer difficult to claim tax benefits and others using this practice. IRS has special tax reduction programs for the people, individuals and organizations continuously spending money in this way. It would be great to get additional financial advantages in the form of tax deductions by donating the property. Remember, Tax deduction can be spread over 6 years. This is an amazing option to serve the nation while managing your financial accounts and spreadsheets.

How to donate property?

This could be difficult for most of the persons but we have developed numerous ways for it. We usually encourage the businessmen, companies, organizations and wealthy individuals to take part in this good deed. Our organization runs regular campaigns, seminars, walks and other social moves to bring attention towards this issue. As a matter of fact, homelessness is increasing in the country because of current financial recessions. Instability of financial situation has brought so many people on the verge of homelessness.  There is a need to support them with a solid donation and real estate the best way to do it. It can be a great gift people will remember forever.


What type of property can be donated?

Well, there is a wide range of real estate options available for the donors. It would be better to focus on the given types in order to have a better idea.

  • Wherever, whatever and whenever.
  • Donate building, houses, condos, barns and apartments.
  • Real estate within or outside the city.
  • Highly marketable, profitable and non-profitable real estate.
  • Property with no hope of value increment in future.

Develop schools, colleges and hospitals:

Today, education is another big issue for the people who can’t afford the expenses. It would be great to donate property for such noble causes.  It has been studied that creating education facilities is the biggest cause of society development and improvement. However, there is another important thing to do. or 858 529 5014 always brings the attention of target audiences towards noble causes. It would be great to donate land which will be used to develop shelters for homeless people.  A society will definitely move towards betterment when there will be no one outside a home.

Contact or 858 529 5014 :

We are delighted to announce our new projects with the support of respected donors. We have successfully developed a chain of donations in this field. This has created an excellent opportunity to provide shelter to the homeless people who are worried about their families and kids. This would be a great moment of blessing for the homeless people who don’t have any external or internal support in this matter. We are excited to bring such blessings for the society and community levels. This is our main objective and we hope that it will bring great piece of mind for the donors and beneficiaries.

Direct or indirect donations:

We encourage the donors to contact us at 858 529 5014 in order to share the details about real estate donations.

Considerations for the donors:

No doubt, real estate donations are highly valuable gifts for an organization serving the single parents and kids but there are some important things to consider in this matter.

  • Make sure you are donating something valuable.
  • Ensure that property to be donated is free from all debts.
  • Prepare an irrecoverable transfer of real estate.
  • Those who are giving property including houses, buildings and condos on temporary basis must confirm that this will be for long term in order to ensure that it will help to create shelters for homeless.

This is more than charity:

Charity has been classified in different terms according to the experts. Remember, donations in this field are given high priority because shelter is a basic right of everyone. There are so many families, individuals and kids who need a shelter to live. Helping homeless single parents and children is a great job. We invite the donors to come and see what type of facilities has been created to support the needy people in the society. Our network is present across the country that’s why there are unlimited options available for the people who want to play a significant role in community development.