A Small Guide to Writing Environmental Reports

Are you looking around for help to complete an environmental report? Or, have you got stuck at a particular section of your report and do not know how to carry on with it? While there are no set rules to write environment based reports, different companies may have their own norms to make them presentable. Here are some important topics and headings that are to be mentioned in these documents.


The importance of environmental concerns for any given organization is best depicted in the introduction. Along with stressing on the topic that you intend to introduce and talk about in the other sections of your report, you also need to highlight your company’s motivation in making environmental efforts a success.

Energies / Climate changes

In this section, you can appropriately outline the areas related to energy and climate changes on your organization, stakeholders and the public at large. Highlight the energy spending in context to transport, supply chains, disposal of goods, etc. to showcase complete understanding of the topic under consideration. You may want to outline the carbon footprints, describe the areas of carbon emission, the details of infrastructure employed, types of boiler systems used, etc.


This section can be used for highlighting all across-the-year efforts made for improving environmental performance. The monitoring terms and methods of all existing and new initiatives can also be detailed comprehensively in the report. Focus on the developments in environmental credentials; especially the ones related to the main agenda points that have given off the maximum impacts.

Waste and recycling

It is advisable to find recent statistics pertaining to waste management and recycling of waste products and include the same in this section. The types of waste and recycled products should be mentioned. The percentage of the waste being recycled from the total quantum of waste produced deserves a note in the report as well.

Supply chain

It is now common for organizations to include environmental checks in the supply chains maintained and used by them. At most times, the supply chains adhere to the appropriate environmental standards set in by regulatory authorities and the management alike. The report has to ensure that the significance given to all environment based regulations are complied with to the fullest.


This section necessarily demonstrates the involvement of your company to make things more energy efficient by imparting consumers and employees with the right training. For instance, notes regarding carbon labelling on manufactured products, staff training, recycling of packaging, programs for improving environmental credentials, can be included in this section of your report.

If you have been commissioned to write the environmental section of your company’s CSR reports, then the tips mentioned above will surely help you chart out the appropriate path for yourself. The best environmental reports would take care of all key sections and topics. They are crisp and compact with due references to all necessary details. So, get set to draft the first copy of your report rightfully; accolades are waiting to come your way.