What are Merits and Demerits of Property Buyers and Agents?

When people sell their properties it is mostly when they are in an emergency. This is so in majority of cases as most people have emergencies like hospital medication and surgery, expenses in connection with divorce or mortgage dues to settle. It is only fewer people who invest in properties to make a profit out of them at some future date although the numbers of people as investors are increasing. Yet most people try to sell their properties while in a state of emergency and they also make the maximum noise about it. The result is that it is the estate agents and other buyers who make the most out of such situation.

Buyers of Property and Agents

Real estate buyers generally appear as two types namely as property buyers and agents. The real estate may include any types of land and building and other structures lying within it and they are bought and sold by the above two types of buyers as per their current market value.

The main advantage of property buyers is that they are always on lookout for prime properties in and around the country or even abroad. They have a large portfolio of such readily available properties and have huge funds to finance more of the same. You also get instant cash from them, and they are top solution when selling a house with tenants.

However, if you have a property in a remote area away from one of those prime locations then you may find that these buyers of property may not take much interest. Even if they allow you to register with them they may not take extra initiative in making a good sale. On the other hand the property agents in your area would know of individuals who are in need of such properties.

Although estate agents are good in the above cases they may take huge commissions and charge you for the expenses that require paper works. Further, agents may also know things about you personally and would try to drive a hard bargain. On the other hand buyers with large portfolio may not charge you much and may make a sale at the current market price. It wouldn’t make much of a difference to them if your property is distressed yet the location is good.

Again, through property portfolio buyers you may not make the best sale as they would be handing over the information to their listed potential buyers only. In the case of agents you stand to gain a higher price if the agent thinks that there are some special unique advantages about your home. They may even ask you to make some cosmetic changes over it so as to improve its pricing and they know pretty well as to how to go about it.

Agents are way better when it comes to switching of properties within your own locality or when you need to get rid off your tenants. However, they may be a little difficult with instant cash while portfolio investors this is quite easy. In short, property buyers vs. estate agents both have strengths and weaknesses.

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