Ideas to set up your home office

Ideas to set up your home office

Working at home is becoming more common. We live in the middle of teleworking, even if only a few days a week. Among the advantages stand out that you are your own boss, you manage (more or less) your time, you do not have to move, you get rid of the traffic jams, the bad weather and the rush … Although, your B side is that it seems that you are at home for everything and for everyone. Do not! Leave your work space well delimited with these ideas.

Find your space

We are not always lucky to have an additional room in which assemble the office. That’s why, when you look for the ideal corner, notice that it is not in an area of ​​passage nor of much affluence as the hall or a corridor. If there is no other solution, an idea is to place the table or even a DM board between two walls, two columns or two partitions, to make room enough. You can also organize your office below the stairwell. Before you put your new desk, paint or varnish it, if you want. Do not forget to anchor it well to the wall with some hinges or feet of friend, or a few screws, that resist a lot of weight. As you can see, you can do your study in one square meter.

6 tips to choose an office table

Keep in mind that you will be most of the time in your office. So the table must be conscientiously chosen with all possible ergonomic properties, because it is about being comfortable, without putting your back at risk.

  1. Notice that the table, like the chair, is adjustable in height, so that when you rest your forearms on it, your body does not tense.
  2. The width is important to fit everything you need to have on hand. Calculate if you have to use only one computer or other electronic devices, a heavy machine, books, document sorters, sewing machine, etc.
  3. It is convenient that between your legs and the table there is enough space to move, as well as move with your chair if it has wheels. Make sure you do not collide with the legs or they are in the middle, because that will not be comfortable for you.
  4. The orientation of your table will also influence your performance. If you have it against the window, you will get more light but you will be more distracted. If you have to put it against the wall, decorate that wall to your liking so that it transmits a pleasant sensation.
  5. A good idea is a corner table, which allows you to change positions and have one sector for some tasks and another, for others. This does not give you the impression that you are all hours in the same place.
  6. Many tables have drawers, which allow us to have everything neat and the table cleared. However, it is also a solution to have separate drawers that, on the one hand, free space between your legs and the table and, on the other hand, you can change them as needed.

Light: natural + LED

As in all rooms of the house, light is an essential factor in your new office. For that reason, it is convenient to think very well how to arrange it before placing the rest of the furniture. In an office, natural light will always be the best for sight, so look for a corner near the window or window, but do not turn your back on the sun, especially if you have to use the computer. The best is that the light enters from the side. In natural light it is convenient to add complementary points of light, especially if your schedule is very flexible and you have to work at night. In any case, day or night, it is always good to put a technical flexo, with led light about the computer, the books or the work area. This will consume less, many times they are adjustable in intensity so you will have the light you want and you have them in many models and colors. Even some also incorporate speakers or a clock.

Separate environments with carpets

If you have to share space with another person or stay in your home, a perfect formula to delimit your borders is a carpet large enough to put your desk and your chair, with a leftover by which you can move and not invade the rest. Take advantage of getting the carpet you’ve always dreamed of and put limits on your “realm” in the workplace.

The stools that complete the office

Although the main chair of your office must be ergonomic to work better without your back suffering, a great option for auxiliary seats or if you have to receive public, customers or suppliers are the stools. We are inclined for modern ones Cancio. Called Petris, they have a base in lacquered steel, they are manufactured with four legs of curved cylindrical steel tube, which are born from the center of the seat. The footrest incorporates a transparent protector that prevents direct contact of the feet with the lacquered tube. The seat, anatomically shaped, has a support of plywood, which is available in three versions: Beech wood (dyed or lacquered), Upholstered and Tessuto (combination of wood and tapestry). This stool is a 360 degree rotating part, and it is manufactured in heights of 65 and 75 centimeters.

Details that identify you

Since your office will be yours and only yours, and it is most likely that you spend a lot of time there, it is important that you decorate it in such a way that it relaxes you, gives you joy and allows you to concentrate. For this, the best thing is that you choose the details that you like and reflect your way of being and working, that make you feel that you work in the best place in the world, which is your home. The plants are very good idea because in addition to creating a pleasant atmosphere, they absorb the electromagnetic radiation to which you expose yourself with the computer, the mobile phone, tablet, etc. Cacti are the specialists in this task and are easy to care for.

A loft, the dream of anyone who works at home

If your house has a loft or an attic that you will give the honor of being your studio, it has a large window (type Velux) through which you have natural light insured both in winter and in summer. This enters in a zenith, perfect to work because it is intense enough but without dazzling. And do not worry about the hottest days, because there are blackout curtains or thermal insulation to keep the room warm.

If you have to receive someone …

It is always good to be prepared to receive clients or have work visits. You do not need big changes for it, because with having a cooler or a coffee machine, that allow you to meet at home, without having to do it in family areas. Do not forget some chairs for at least two people and space on your table or an assistant to put a coffee or glass of water, notebook or cell phones.

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