How to improve the security of your home or apartment in Monaco, Tour Odeon?

To protect your belongings and your loved ones, setting up security devices is a must. You can install systems to warn you of a possible intrusion but also to prevent malicious people from entering your home or apartment in Monaco, Tour Odeon.

Strengthen closures

In order to improve the security of your home, the first thing to do is make sure that the closures are solid. At first, set up new locks. If your budget allows, you can invest in an armored doorway that would be difficult for thieves to crack.

Often, we tend to neglect window security. However, burglars often infiltrate through these openings. It is therefore wise to acquire resistant glazing.

Install an alarm system

To be informed when an intruder rode around your home or if he tries to break in, an alarm system is triggered automatically. With an intruder alarm, the protection of your home or apartment in Monaco, Tour Odeon is optimal. This device is, in fact, equipped with a motion detector. It is activated not only when a ranger is present, but also when doors or windows open and windows break.

In general, the alarm system is set up by a surveillance company. When it is triggered, it is immediately notified. Note that the functions of this device are very diverse. The most sophisticated models combine the audible alarm with a phone call option. For optimal operation, the infrared motion detector is particularly effective.


To increase the level of security, you can also set up a video surveillance system. The latter is very useful to monitor your assets and ensure their safety when you are not on site. In practice, surveillance cameras are installed at strategic locations. They capture videos of the surroundings of the house but also of the interior. Thanks to them, you are informed in case of suspicious activities.

The cameras are linked to a monitor that broadcasts videos (and sometimes sounds). For maximum monitoring, the device can be equipped with sensors that trigger in case of movement, sound but also temperature change. Any unusual event is reported. The monitoring system can be connected to an alarm system that sounds if something goes wrong. Some models allow sending an SMS to the surveillance company in case of danger. This company then takes the necessary measures to neutralize potential criminals and prevent them from stealing or vandalizing your home.

In order to limit the risk of losing valuables when you are not at home, the best alternative is to store them in a safe, whether in your home or in a bank. In the second case, there must be monthly or annual fees.

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