How Much Does a Real Estate Agent Earn?

Surely the curiosity arises in you to know if a real estate agent really wins well, if the sector is profitable and if it allows you to work in your time.

The profession of real estate agent, like any other, requires discipline, effort, dedication; monitoring and that you devote the indispensable time to see results. It should be noted that the real estate sector is quite profitable, but as a real estate agent to be a profited professional you must dedicate a large part of your time to carry out a customer tracking strategy, sales process, requirements analysis process, monitoring of calls, customer visits, negotiation processes and a closing sale.

It is very common to hear about rotation and the fear of many people entering this sector because there is no fixed salary, but the main mistake is the lack of customer follow-up and obtaining an exclusive in the process of Management of the purchase or sale of a property.

Without a doubt, the real estate sector is a great opportunity for you to work independently and earn extra income by charging a commission to your client once the management process of which you offer your services is finished. But for this you must consider the variables that exist around it, selling or buying a client’s property can be practically as fast or as slow as you want. The common denominator of hours invested for the purchase or sale of a home is 85 hours, this amount of time you can go in just 2 weeks, 2 months or up to 2 years, everything will depend on your efficiency as a professional.

And then how much does a real estate agent earn?

How much do real estate agents make? – According to the average scale in the United States, a real estate agent earns $104 thousand dollars a year, taking into account that the average cost of a home is $300 thousand dollars and that the commission is about 2.5% for each part of the transaction. In this case, a real estate agent in that country sells 12 properties on average per year, that is, one per month.

In Latin America the economy and reality is different and does not apply equally. In Mexico, selling 12 properties per year, estimating that its average value is 1 million 200 thousand pesos, results in an estimated commission of $32,000.00 per operation, if at the same time you collect and sell the property exclusively, you will take around $60,000.00 per month, before taxes and expenses. Now if we divide that $32,000.00 into 40 hours of work, that is 160 per month, it results in $200.00 per hour of work.

Remember that in the real estate sector and in any professional sector, time is money and the secret of making this profession something profitable, is to allocate the time and indispensable follow-up to each operation, adding to an excellent sales strategy and extensive experience in customer treatment; the above will make you one of the best real estate agents.