Creating the Perfect Planning Application Map

Whether you are planning to build a house or an entire housing estate you will need to create a perfect planning application map that does not get rejected. You put so much effort into creating your planning application. The planning application is that base upon which you hope to build your dream project. So, in any case, you do not want it to get rejected.

We understand that you put all your efforts and time to create a planning application and it never feels good to see it turned down. This is the reason we thought of creating a small guide to help you with the perfect planning application map.

The most common reasons for rejection of a planning application map

To create the perfect planning application map it is necessary to know the most common mistakes so that you don’t repeat those mistakes.

  • The location of your site is not clearly marked on the Ordnance Survey Map. If the officer cannot make out your site located, at a glance, he will reject your application without thinking much.
  • You have used an old and outdated map. If your map is not updated with the most recent developments in the area it will not give a true picture. Hence the officer will reject the application outright.
  • Either you have not shown a scale or have used the wrong one. Without a scale, nothing can be measured accurately. So, the officer gets all the right to reject your application.
  • You have used a hand-drawn inaccurate map rather than the Ordnance Survey Planning map. A very accurate measurement is required for passing any project so as not to create any dispute.
  • Your map does not point North. This one single mistake makes the entire map useless.
  • You have photocopied someone else’s map instead of using an authorized copy. This is a clear breach of copyright so the officers would never approve this kind of applications.

Tips on creating the perfect site location plan that does not get rejected  

Now, that you know the mistakes you need to avoid we can proceed to the tips that will help you create a winning planning application map.

  • Use an updated Ordnance Survey Maps. You can visit a very interesting site about mapping for an updated ordnance survey map and some other really helpful features for creating the right planning application map.
  • Always use an identified standard scale in your application map. This scale is generally 1:1250 for urban and 1:2500 for rural or larger applications.
  • Never forget to clearly mark the direction of North on your map.
  • Create the map that can be accurately scaled to A3 or A4 size sheets.
  • Clearly mention the date of the survey or the ordnance survey license number to show your map is not old.
  • Show the details of buildings, roads, parks etc. that surrounds the area of your planned project.
  • Highlight the area you need to develop your project in red ink. Never use some other colors.
  • Don’t forget to highlight another land, if any, owned by you in the close proximity of the applied area. To highlight these lands you need to use blue ink.

Additional things to add to a block plan of your planning application map

You might not need a block plan in some areas. But, some local authorities need a block plan map in addition to the location plan map. While making a block plan you need to keep all the things mentioned in the location plan section above. The following are the additional requirements for a block plan.

  • Identified standard scale for block plan is generally 1:200 and 1:500.
  • You need to show all buildings, footpaths, and roads on the adjoining land of your site. This must include public access arrangements.
  • You have to show all the public right pathways adjoining or crossing your site.
  • You cannot miss indicating all the trees on your as well as the adjoining sites.
  • You need to show the type and extent of hard surfacing in the area adjoining your site.
  • You have to clearly depict the proposed walls, fencing, and gates of your project.

Should you follow the above guidelines your proposal will not get rejected based on a faulty map. To make sure you are putting your efforts on the correct map, always get it from the approved planning map providers who have access to the most updated versions of ordnance survey maps.