CONFIRMED New Home Development

Update: North American Development Group is moving forward with the land purchase for new home development in the Ken-Caryl Ranch Plains.

Houses around Littleton CO 80127 will change in value as multi-residential living has been approved and no new school is planned to be build. The area immediately behind the Saddlewood neighborhood is currently zoned open space but it will lost the open space view as apartment complex will be build immediately behind it.

Here are some immediate impacted properties:

7269 S Mount Holy Cross Littleton, CO 80127
7273 S Mount Holy Cross, Littleton, CO 80127
7283 S Mount Holy Cross, Littleton, CO 80127

Initial draft plans for two of the parcels were presented to the Master Association Board on Jan. 29 and are available at the link below. These plans are submitted and approved by Jeffco. Plans for the third parcel of land are still in the works, but that third parcel, which is zoned for residential multi-family, can be seen on the Parcel A site plan.

Draft Development Site Plan:

Please see the article details at:


What is planned at the three locations?

Parcel A:

Allowed up to 330 units, but the developer is proposing 293 units. They are planning to incorporate three different product types: single-family detached (50’ x 100’ lots), Ranch paired homes (45’ x 90’ lots), two-story alley-loaded single-family homes (37’ x 110’ lots). There are two planned access roads, one on Alkire and a new road by the Park ‘n Ride.

Parcel B:

Allowed up to 270 units, but the developer is proposing 250 units. They are planning three-story townhomes (16’ X 42’ & 22’ X 42’ building size) and paired homes (45’ x 90’ lots). Entrances on Ken Caryl Ave. across from King Soopers and on Chatfield Ave.

Parcel C:

Area is zoned multi-family and can be seen on the Parcel A map. Plans are not ready for review. Will these residents pay dues into the Master Association? Yes, the homes will be within the boundaries of the Master Association and will pay dues like the other homes on Ken-Caryl Ranch. The homes are not currently within the boundaries of the Ken-Caryl Ranch Metropolitan District. They are in the Plains Metropolitan District. There is a possibility of forming a sub-district that will be responsible for maintaining the public areas.

CONFIRMED New Home Development