Bergen County New Jersey – 7 Tips to Sell Your House Effectively

Bergen County New Jersey – 7 Tips to Sell Your House Effectively

There are several factors that will influence when selling your apartment. You can do it faster and more efficiently, or make your home stagnate in the market. In this post we seek to help you to sell your house easily and without wear.

In recent years, the real estate market has changed for better and worse. A decade ago, maybe it was enough to put an ad here and there of your apartment for sale, with bad quality photos and the right information. This is not like that.

Now, buyers are more demanding, more informed and think much more about that decision. According to a study, private buyers spend about six months just analyzing their purchase options (learning about the industry, exploring credit possibilities, and the type of housing that suits their needs).

In many cases and for many families, this will be the greatest investment they make in their lives. For that reason, they look for a house that delights them and that gathers all the characteristics that they need, and they are not in a hurry to find it.

The buyer will search flats and houses for sale -mainly- through these 3 channels:

  • Real estate portals and internet
  • Ads on the street
  • Real estate agencies

So, if you are thinking of selling your house, it is best to use at least two channels of these options.

If you hang your home in one or several real estate portals, it may not be necessary to hire a real estate agency (you would have the biggest workload but saving the commissions). Here you can advertise your house for sale in Bergen County New Jersey.

If you hire a real estate agency, they will be responsible for announcing your home in the most important real estate portals.

In any case, putting ads on the street will always be recommended since it is a way to make your home visible. You never know, maybe the buyer is interested in your house when passing by.

That said, once you decide if you prefer to hire an agency or real estate or seek a direct transaction between individuals, you must prepare for the moment in which you touch put your home for sale.

You must think that, beyond the emotional attachment that you have to your house, at the end of the day, you will sell a product in the market: and for that reason, the objective is to position your house in such a way (exalting its strengths and neutralizing the weaknesses) that all buyers are interested in it.

In other words, you have to add value to your home for sale to position it as a true object of desire. It is not about bidding it and already, but about doing it in the best way.

To achieve this, in Bergen County New Jersey we have gathered some tips to help you convert that house you want to sell into the rock star of the real estate market where all potential buyers will fight.

What buyers pay attention to when buying a house?

1- The photos of your home (the presentation)

When buying a product, be it a house, or an ice cream, or a car, the first impression is very important. For example, 99% of shoppers discard ads without photographs. They are also discarded housing with photos but of poor quality, almost as much as those who do not have at all.

Therefore, having good photographs of your home for sale is essential for the process. In addition, these photographs should be honest: if you show enlarged and oversized images, you could get visitors but most would be disappointed when visiting the house, so it would be a waste of time and money on your part.

If you have a talent for photography, you can take them with a good camera. Or ask a friend for help. Or hire a professional photographer who for less than € 100 will give a much greater value to your home than it has cost you to hire it.

In the same way, some professional photographs will not be very useful if you do not fix your house for the moment. Just as you would not like to see photos of a dirty and neglected restaurant, your home must be impeccable at the time of taking the photographs and showing the home to potential buyers.

These photographs should show the house in perfect condition: clean, orderly and completely depersonalized. Buyers want to visualize themselves living in that house, not in your house. Remove the family photos and that too personal decoration. These objects would make it difficult for the buyer to see himself living there.

Fix minor damage is recommended: the walls, curtains, make some small reform. The idea is that the buyers observe all the possibilities of the house.

One of the best options that take on greater importance day by day is Home Staging. Real estate techniques to “embellish” the house and make it more attractive: decorate it with impersonal objects, with good taste, in which any person is able to see the full potential.

In summary, to add value to your home for sale through photographs, these are 3 important steps to follow:

  • Take professional photos of your home (yourself, a friend or professional photographer).
  • Your house: clean, orderly and depersonalized.
  • Home-Staging Techniques

2- The location

It is no secret to anyone that location is one of the main factors that buyers take into account when buying their house. And the truth is that, in this area, you cannot do much more. The location of your home is what it is.

What you can do to add value to your house in this aspect, is to provide detailed information of the location. Buyers will want to know what infrastructure the neighborhood has, if it has schools, hospitals, shopping centers, sports facilities or green spaces.

Facilitate the work of investigating it on your own, and add all this information in the description of your home.

They will also want to know if the area is quiet or not, if there is an excess of traffic, noise or if there are establishments that may be annoying. If your neighborhood is one of the safest in Bergen County New Jersey, take advantage of that information and inform the potential buyer.

And, especially, something that may be difficult for them to discover, is if there are urban projects close to your home for sale: because if it is an attractive project, this can revalue the home or, otherwise, devalue it.

If you think your home will be more attractive for couples, add information that might be interesting to them. Or if, on the contrary, it is a great house for families, specify it in your description, and justify it with data and other characteristics.

To help you, if your home is in Barcelona, ​​in this post we have collected the best areas to live with children. If your house is in these neighborhoods, you already have one more argument in your favor.

Therefore, in Bergen County New Jersey we provide all kinds of information on the location of the home: from the exact distance to the nearest public transport to how good or bad is the area for sightseeing, eating, partying or shopping.

3- The price

The most important factor: Depending on the quality of the materials and finishes of your home, the size and distribution, and the location; your house has an estimated price. It may be higher or lower depending on these variables; but within that margin, there you are the one who can make the difference by choosing a price slightly higher than its market value, setting the exact price or adjusting the price below the market.

The price should be set at an attractive range.

Let’s say that, for example, the average sale price of houses with similar characteristics in your area has been € 100,000. That could help you establish a range of prices: with € 100,000 being the right price for your home, you could also choose to put it up for sale for € 120,000 and then negotiate with the buyer.

This technique of bargaining is often wrong, according to most real estate agents. The houses that are initially offered at a price higher than due end up spending months in the market to end up reducing the price to the market price.

In any case, it is true that whatever happens, the buyer will look for a discount. In this case, a good option would be to set the sale price at € 109,000; reject the buyer’s first offer and, subsequently, propose € 100,000.

In this way, both would end up paying and receiving the amount that best matches the market price.

Another strategy, especially if you are in a hurry to sell, is to offer housing at a slightly lower price than the market. Let’s say, about € 95,000, but without the possibility of haggling. That would depend on you and the way the negotiation takes place.

In any case, it is advisable to have a Plan B, maximum and minimum, to negotiate realistically and without anger.

If you want to get an idea of ​​the prices of buying and selling in Barcelona, ​​choose your area in our District Guides and find all the information on the real estate market.

4- The surface, distribution and orientation

– The surface

One of the nonnegotiable factors of buyers when it comes to finding and buying a home is the surface. It is one of the basic needs, since a family that is looking to buy a house to move, already knows how much space it needs to live comfortably.

A family, for example, will need a large living room and kitchen, with several rooms and bathrooms. On the contrary, a couple or a single person will look for a smaller house and will have other needs, such as the time when the house cools or warms up.

Think about what kind of buyer is the right one for your home, and adapt the description to them. So you can also filter the interested parties and have more productive visits.

– The distribution

Similarly, distribution is a very important detail for buyers. If you sell a very large house, but with a complex distribution, many aisles and partitions everywhere, it will be the same as a smaller house, and that will make the house revalue down, despite the size.

The ease of decorating and comfort will be factors of weight that will attract buyers (remember to use Home Staging).

– The orientation

Related to the distribution, another important factor to take into account is the orientation of your home. Depending on the orientation, the house will enjoy morning or afternoon sun, in winter or summer. This will also affect the receipt of the light, and it is something buyers will notice.

While you do not have much control over this, what you can do is specify this information clearly in the description of your home: not only if it is south or north, but detailing whether the apartment receives day or afternoon light, or if the sun hits harder in winter or summer.

If you are not sure which orientation is the most sought by buyers, in this post you can find the best guidance to buy a flat in Bergen County New Jersey.

5- The description of your home (details of the information)

It is often said that, when buying a house, a person takes 20 seconds to scan the 4 most recognizable factors in the advertisement of your home:

  • The pictures
  • Location
  • Price
  • The description

In those 20 seconds, which are nothing, the buyer will have an idea of ​​how valuable and how much potential can be found in a home. Make them count.

We have already talked about the photos, the location and the price; and the enormous importance of these factors. In the location you will have your hands tied. In the price, you can set a fair value to get attention from the beginning.

But the factor that encompasses all the others is the quality of the description of your home.

If about location, orientation and surface you will not have any control to make it more attractive for people who are looking to buy a house; what you can do is give them all the information from the start.

This simple step will make you stand out from virtually all your competitors; you will add value to your home that the buyer will notice only in the first 20 seconds. And remember, first impressions are important.

Talk about your seriousness, your professionalism, your good work and the confidence that person will have in your home and, therefore, in you. The quality of the ad’s details speaks of the house, but it also speaks of you.

The buyer will see from the start a neat, complete, professional advertisement, with good quality photos and a fair price.

Unconsciously, record all this information to create an idea of ​​who is the person who is selling that home.

In addition, with detailed information on the materials, finishes, rooms and other features of the home, you will filter efficiently to customers and avoid misunderstandings and loss of time.

6- Documentation of the house

A factor closely linked to the previous one, and that will quickly speak of your way of being and, therefore, of negotiating, will be the documentation that you are able to deliver to the potential buyer from the start.

It is true that it will not be decisive to attract visitors, but it will be to “close the deal”.

From the first visit, leaves prepared documentation of interest so that no potential buyer leaves with doubts: receipts from the community, energy efficiency sheet, information on materials and finishes, cadastral data and others.

It will serve to strengthen that image of seriousness and good work that you have earned with your professional ad.

Make clear, with documents and receipts, how many and what are the secondary expenses generated by the housing; as community expenses or electricity bills.

In the end, this factor will help you in the negotiation process;  so it is very important.


When selling a house, every detail counts. From the depth and quality of information you can give the buyer, to the image they make of you – as a seller – during the first seconds they see your ad on the web.

If there is a factor that you will have control over when selling your house, it is the image of you and your home that you are able to project in the description and advertisement of your home.

On the contrary, if you send a description that looks like a recipe for cooking, with badly taken photos and with the dirty and disorganized house, you will also be projecting an image. And the buyer will take less than 20 seconds to dispose of your home (and maybe it was just what you were looking for).

So take the matter seriously and remember that, when selling your house, what you are doing is positioning a product in the market. You must seek to be the best, the leader in your sector (the one that receives the most visits and the best offers).

To achieve this, you will basically need two tips: to know what the buyer is looking for (and we have told you in this post) , and offer it . The rest, it’s up to you.

Successes with the sale of your home!

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