Beautiful Kitchen Wall Tiles

Beautiful Kitchen Wall Tiles

We offer the highest quality hand crafted metal work, as well as a personal family touch to all our creations.

If you are looking for one of a kind, beautiful, modernist design inspired metal work, look no further. We are the oldest continuous design house production studio and gallery for modernist metal arts in the United States.

We use recycled or responsiby sourced metals, non-conflict diamonds, recycled hard woods and 19th century ivory for inlay works of art. We do not use modern ivory derived from any wild animals in any of our work.

For customers who are able to come in to the brick and mortar store in San Francisco, we offer a one of a kind experience, and a chance to meet your artist, and view your custom designed pieces being cast before your eyes.

Beautiful Kitchen Wall Tiles

You can also order our work online from our store.

Getting started involves picking stones, metal, and sizing. The couple then moves to the designing phase, and comes to a decision about whether to cast or fabricate their rings. The decision is largely based upon the design of the ring that is desired.

Fabrication can be faster, and may involve rolling, filing, soldering, and polishing, all of which can be done in the initial 4 hour session. If the couple decides to cast their rings, they will begin to carve their own hand crafted wax bands. on the next working day, the couple will cast the rings into metal, and polish them until they shine!

In addition to custom jewelry, we offer jewelry classes through our Metalworks Jewelry School, including a very popular couple’s wedding ring workshop. Visit Metalworks for more information!

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