9 Places You Must Visit When In Jupiter, Florida

Located in the Palm Beach County, Jupiter is famous for its beaches and natural wildlife. Considering that it has been named as the 9th happiest seaside town in the US in 2012, a visit to the place will definitely help you get rid of the stress of your professional life. And in case you do not know which places to visit in the region, the following list should help you have a good time in Jupiter, Florida.

Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge

Located partly in Jupiter Island and in Martin County, the Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge was set up in 1969 and is spread over an area of more than 1000 hectares.  The region is known for its diverse wildlife and is managed by the US Fish & Wildlife Service. One of the most productive nesting sites of sea turtles is located at the Jupiter Island.  In addition to watching wildlife, you can also enjoy other activities like surfing and hiking in the region. And in case you are into collecting shells at the beach shores, then the coastal areas will be of particular interest to you.

Loggerhead Marine Life Center

If you are fond of sea turtles and wish to observe them in their natural habitat, then a visit to the Loggerhead Marine Life Center is a must-do activity. Set up in 1983, the life center focuses on preserving the ocean ecosystem in the region, with special attention given to the endangered sea turtles in the region. There are interactive exhibits on the campus, and you can also take a sneak peek as to how the baby turtles are nursed from their injuries at the sea turtle hospital located in the center. And if you visit the place at night, never forget to participate in the enchanting Turtle Walk program.

Flagler Museum

Built in the year 1902 by oil tycoon Henry Flagler, this was considered as one of the most majestic private dwellings in the world by the New York Herald. The property boasts of about 55 rooms, and it is entirely themed around European architectural and design styles of the early 1900s. Constantly regarded as a national pride as far as monuments are concerned, you should definitely visit the museum if you are seriously into architecture or anything related to it. You will be able to inspect antique furniture, artworks, and furnishings from a bygone era. In addition, a 1200-pipe organ and a secret staircase are also sure to capture the interest of whoever visits the place.

Arthur R Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge

Covering a region of more than 140,000 acres, this refuge is the best place if you are into bird watching since the area is said to be the home to about 250 species of birds both native and migratory species. You can also take the bike trail or a walking trail to enjoy the sceneries of the region. So, remember to take your grills with you if you plan on eating a tasty barbeque meal in between the walk. But remember to clean up the grills after using it. If you do not know the correct cleaning process, then this blog explains how to properly clean a BBQ Grill.

Roger Dean Stadium

Are you interested in sports, specifically baseball? If so, then you should definitely consider checking out Roger Dean Stadium. It has the unique distinction of being the only American stadium to have hosted four minor league teams.  The stadium has about 6.600 seats. And if there is any match between the teams, we suggest that you take a ticket to the game and soak yourselves in the intense support of the fans of the home team. And if you choose to visit when games are not being played, you can visit the practice ground, pitching mounds, outdoor batting cages, and so on.

Busch Wildlife Sanctuary

This is a unique sanctuary in the sense that it is somewhat a combination of a sanctuary and a refuge. Follow the natural trails of the region and you should soon come across numerous animals like bears, crocodiles, panthers, and so on.  This place is highly recommended in case you are visiting with your family since the kids will love exploring the wildlife while you and your spouse can also spend some great time together. There is also a wildlife hospital in the region.

Riverbend Park

Spread over an area of about 680 acres, Riverbend Park is the place to visit in case you have an interest in kayaking. Rent a kayak from any of the rental services, and you can explore the beautiful waterways which are lined with cypress trees, while at the same time satisfying the thrill of a kayaking through a river. You can also find numerous animals in the region, including creatures like egrets, deer, herons, and so on.

Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse & Museum

Designed by George G. Meade, a civil war hero, the lighthouse was built in 1860 and stands tall at about 108 feet. When in Jupiter, an obligatory visit to this place is a must since it has great historical importance in the region. While the view of the surrounding ocean is itself breathtaking, the lighthouse also has a museum that showcases numerous documents, photographs, and maps that detail the history of the place. This is definitely a place that anyone will enjoy if they choose to visit, whether it be a five-year-old kid or a 60-year-old grandma.

Blowing Rocks Preserve

Boasting of having the biggest outcropping of Anastasia limestone in the US Eastern coast, the Blowing Rocks Preserve offers a truly beautiful and mysterious experience for visitors, the best time to visit the place is when a storm is brewing since the blowing rocks will look majestic as the numerous waves crash and spray against the rocks in a rhythmic manner. However, if the weather is clear, you can still visit the place and enjoy lazing on the beautiful beachfront. For nature enthusiasts, you will find many native plants in the area that can satisfy your interest.