6 Tips To Make Your Tiny Kitchen Roomier

Nobody wishes to own a house with small kitchen. It never makes to anyone’s wish list because it offers more and more difficulties while preparing food for your family. But, unfortunately, tiny kitchens come in a package with rental homes or smaller pockets. Some are not able to afford bigger kitchens with enough space to accommodate five to six family members. Most of the people, spend their savings and bring walls down to give more space to their kitchens.

But, there are many other tricks to make your kitchen spacious and functional too. If you are not in favor of knocking down walls and want to try some other options, here are some tips which you can consider for making your kitchen roomier:

  • Make Use of Every Inch of Space

Have you ever thought of installing tiny shelves in corners? It is time to make use of every space possible in the kitchen to place things in place. Either you can store tea cups or place coffee mugs as they are used every day. Climbing a ladder is not a task that you would do every day, so, place expensive crockery and other items over the top of cabinets.

  • Kitchen Countertop Can Do a Double Job

Countertops are meant to be a highly functional and one of the most important spaces in the kitchen. Whenever you are preparing a big meal, countertops let you do it with ease. After the meal is prepared, cleaning part comes that often makes space a priority. In that case, you can make use of storage space embedded in the countertop. Seek for an island that combines both the storage space and counter space.

  • Sober Color Scheme

In the case of small spaces, always keep things simple and unfussy and channel the minimalist person within you in keeping colors soothing and minimal. A great combination of blue and white can do wonders in small space by proffering breezy aura and brightness in a small kitchen.

  • Mini Appliances Should Become Priority

Often, if you have a lack of space, bigger appliances can never help you in creating more space. An enormous fridge and gargantuan oven can take up elbow room. You ought to go for mini fridges that are usually installed underneath the countertops providing with immense space. Also, mini microwaves and ovens can be installed in to save up some precious commodity.

  • Get Rid of Un-wanting Essentials

First of all, think of what all you used in the last couple of months to prepare food. Chances are that it will be just one-third of the total cutlery or crockery or other essentials you have stored in your kitchen. When the scarcity of kitchen space begins to rise, you need to cut short unwanted or unused items. This way the time you used to put in for preparing food will drastically become shorter as now you will have selected options of essentials.

  • Empty Wall – Storage Wall

Bring a mentality of utilizing every space in your kitchen to make it spacious enough, even a blank wall. You can easily transform an empty wall into a fully functional wall in no time. Next time you visit a hardware store, bring along some cheap towel racks and magnetic strips to create a storage wall. You can hang all sorts of knives on magnetic strips placed on the wall and hang towel and ladles of different size on towel racks.

Making your small kitchen spacious is not a big a deal when considering these above-listed tips. If you are ready to spend a few dollars, opt for fitted cabinets as they help in giving a lot of free space. Consult professionals for roomy kitchen design ideas and smartly make use of every inch of the kitchen space!

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