5 Tips to Decorate Your New Penthouse in Monaco

How to decorate my new penthouse in Monaco? Do not worry about furnishing your new penthouse in Monaco! We have five tips, tricks and simple ideas to get you started.

Whether you’re using handmade furniture, decorating to your budget, or decorating luxury, your first penthouse in Monaco is a great opportunity to explore your personal design style ! Deciding on a look, feel and color palette for the first time can be stressful, but follow your instinct (it’s usually the right decision!). Once you have the color palette, look for accents in these hues. Carry the colors in every room of your new penthouse in Monaco to create a holistic look. First buy large rooms, such as dressers, sofas and beds, as these are the most expensive and they anchor the rooms. Then, breathe your personality into space without breaking the bank by adding affordable accessories like curtains, wall art and lighting.

Here are our 5 tips to follow for the decoration of your new penthouse in Monaco:

1. Decoration with Wallpaper:

Purchase cheap, neutral furniture (such as dressers, headboards, and coffee tables) and customize the pieces with buttons, wallpaper, or paint.

Penthouse in Monaco – Decoration with wallpaper

2. Decoration with plants:

Plants give life to parts, whether they are small or dark.

Penthouse in Monaco – Decoration with plants

3. Economic pillows can spice dull, lustrous sofas or chairs.

4. Furniture should be duplicated in small spaces – use your desk as a nightstand and office chair as an extra seat when your friends visit you.

5. Use open shelves as an opportunity to highlight your memories and organize yourself with fun storage boxes.