5 Tips for Design and Architecture Students in Bangalore

Here are my 5 tips for future students of interior design and architects in Bangalore:

1. Enjoy the summer, rest to face the best and most difficult moments of the life of students. Be prepared for long and pleasant days of teamwork, unlike other careers, ours allow you to study in groups or accompanied, which is much more fun and bearable.

2. Prepare yourself in mathematics, most of the creative this subject is difficult and ends up being a hindrance in the race, but the numbers are necessary in the profession.

3. Observe and explore the cities, be curious that the study material is everywhere, draw and find details that at first glance would not discover.

4. Seriously, draw; although at the beginning it does not turn out well “practice makes perfect”, drawing is not only a form of expression, it is a way of thinking and a very powerful tool when designing. Draw something every day.

5. Nurture their minds, which, in the combination of diverse knowledge collected throughout their lives, lay the basis of creativity. You cannot be creative if you have a blank brain; you need raw materials from different areas where ideas come from. Take advantage of every opportunity to incorporate essential materials for the creative process, see live architecture, internet, books, but also incorporate other knowledge, whether watching a movie, reading a book, visiting a museum or a square, all serve to put the brain in operation.

I share the words of a great contemporary architect:

“My advice for young architects is: ask yourself if architecture is what you really want to do more than anything else in the world and if you would do anything to do it (…) If that is the case, you have made the decision correct, and you must go behind it, immerse yourself, saturate yourself completely, live it every second of your life. If you do not believe in it enough, then you have to find something that you believe in, something different. And it does not really matter what it is, because in life, I think, you’ll find that everything is creative. “

5 more tips for when you are already studying:

1. Rest to be more productive. Do physical activity and recreation, it is necessary to take breaks, clear the mind and exercise the body to have a better performance. Eye! They should not devote more time to these activities than to study.

2. Do not expect to be inspired or encouraged to work, ideas arise as we do, as well as concentration.

3. Define objectives, work times and schedules of tasks, creative are specialists in podcasting and then we lack time.

4. Disconnect from social networks and messaging at the time of work, small interruptions make our brain lose concentration and we delay much more in performing tasks.

5. Do not be afraid of making mistakes, of the error is when you learn the most, enjoy the career that is wonderful, take risks with your proposals, because it is the best time to fully exploit creativity.