5 Basic Tips to Make an Investment in Real Estate

Buying real estate in the Riviera Maya is a very attractive investment; in this article we make some recommendations so that your estate is safe.

1. Look for a certified agent

It is important first of all to verify that you have a qualified real estate consultant that meets the requirements of the Real Estate Services Act.

A simple way to verify that your real estate agent is a professional is to request that he show you his accreditation and registration that certifies him. Another effective way is to locate your agent through the AMPI page of your locality.

2. Make sure your advisor has made a prior review of the property’s documentation and physical conditions

Your advisor should be informed of the protocols to review the documents of the property and ensure that there are no legal problems with the property.

Some of the aspects to be evaluated are: review the background of the property, investigate whether there are debts or legal problems as intestate. In the area of ​​construction it is necessary to verify the measurements and adjoining, installation of services, operation of common areas, etc.

3. Find out with your advisor what is the best legal option that corresponds to your investment project

It is necessary for your advisor to evaluate your financial, legal and commercial situation so that he recommends products that are appropriate to your profile. Not all sales are the same and it is necessary that your agent knows the different ways in which you can acquire real estate and which are the best for your specific case.

This means that your broker must know the schemes for individuals and morals, domestic and foreign customers, to mention a few variants.

4. Consult with your advisor, what would be the legal and fiscal scheme to acquire the property

Your real estate agent must submit in writing a document stipulating all expenses, payments, taxes and permits that are linked to the purchase of the property.

This is to ensure that you have sufficient funds to cover the different responsibilities that correspond to you as a buyer, such as the payment of title deeds, installation of services, payment of maintenance fees, etc.

5. Review all documents personally, and seek legal help if you consider it necessary

At the time of signing the writing, review yourself all the documents and the data contained therein, ask questions or if you have many questions ask a trusted lawyer to review the documentation.

Remember that as a buyer you can choose the Notary and legal advisor of your confidence! If the HMO lеttіng аgеnt уоu аrе lооkіng аt dоеѕ nоt undеrѕtаnd these tеrmѕ thеn thеу аrе the wrong реrѕоn to bе wоrkіng wіth аnd ѕо mаkе ѕurе уоu ask thеm about іt аnd уоu fееl comfortable thеу knоw whаt thеу аrе talking аbоut.