5 Basic Tips to Buy a House in Arnhem/Zevenaar

Are you thinking of buying a house in Arnhem/Zevenaar? Note down these 5 basic tips:

Buying a house can be one of the purposes that you have marked this 2019. The increase in rental prices may be one of the reasons. If you have decided to take the step, and you have already looked at a couple of homes that meet your needs. Keep these tips in mind when deciding.


Before you start you have to keep in mind how much money you want to spend. You should keep in mind, in case you are going to ask for a mortgage. Those banks usually finance up to 80% of the value of the property. In other words, you must have at least the remaining 20%. Everything will depend on your financial capacity, your needs, and the city where you reside.

Housing Information

Once you have chosen the house you want to buy, it is time to know what state it is in. For this it is possible to request a simple note in the Land Registry. In this document you will find, for example, if the property has any cargo, its plans, the layout of the networks (water, gas, and electricity), etc. With it you can save yourself future headaches.

Size and added values

Size is important, although it always depends on the needs of each one. If it will be intended for a family of four. The most optimal would be between 80 and 100 meters. Also, depending on the area, you should consider the possibility of acquiring the property with garage and / or storage. If you can afford it, try to have a large terrace, gardens or community pool.

Bet on a strategic area

The location of your future home is important, but it is more important to see what is nearby. Green areas, nearby shops, health centers, etc. It is important when choosing the location of our home. The characteristics of the neighborhood, whether it is quiet, residential, or noisy, have the same importance. Especially if there are children or there will be in the future.

Aid for purchase

Last year, in this same space, we talked about aid for the purchase of a home that was being launched by the State. In 2018 this aid is launched, but calm if you are older to request it, there are different tax discounts. Search your Autonomous Community and know your options.

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