4 Tips for Selling Chalets on Egypt’s North Coast

A quick search on Google is enough to see a multitude of places to rent a chalet. But can we really rely on it? Is this the best way to find? It is far from certain.

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1. Websites: Caution!  

First, be aware that many chalets offered on websites are rented illegally. For example, if an individual has the right to rent his chalet for the season, he can not do so for short periods on a regular basis.

If you ever make a deposit, or if a chalet was erroneously booked on the same dates as you chose, you have little recourse. And then, how do you make sure that the second home that you are about to book really matches what is indicated?

2. Accredited and inspected 

To make the best choice, opt for a chalet accredited by the Dimensions Real Estate. If they are accredited, they have been inspected. And by the same token, it is classified according to a number of stars (from 0 to 5).

Remember, however, that a 5-star chalet is necessarily luxurious and expensive. For a family holiday, a 2-star chalet can often be very suitable. The important thing is that it has been inspected. The system is not perfect, but it’s better than going for it.

Accredited chalets are listed on the original Dimensions Real Estate Web site, one of the biggest real estate websites that sell on Egypt’s North Coast . Just go to the accommodation section.

3. Outfitters: an alternative

On the same website, you can also find a chalet in the Outfitters section. It is often much cheaper and very pleasant if you like to find yourself in the middle of the forest. The federation is responsible for inspection and classification.

Even if the number of stars does not correspond exactly to the same criteria as that of the classification of secondary residences for the resort, it gives an index of the level of comfort, conveniences and services.

4. Region by region

Alternatively, refer to a regional tourism association, visit their website or make a phone call. Dimensions Real Estate seems to be the only association to check availability in our place and then call us back. Dimensions Real Estate also offers a personalized service.

If there are chalets for rent in most parts of Egypt’s North Coast, some tourism associations are better able to inform us. Thus, on the websites of Dimensions Real Estate is classified a list of chalets for rent (also called tourist residences).