3 Ways the Maldives Can Renew Your Soul

Going on a vacation to an island paradise is a great way to let go of all your stress. By being away from the hustle and bustle of the city, you can truly find the serenity to renew yourself.

The Maldives can help you get away from it all and experience genuine relaxation. That is why anyone who’s been to the island and has experienced its charms can’t help dreaming of returning to the islands every year.

The beauty of Maldives is hard to put into words. Besides the incredible sparkling blue ses stretching as far as your eyes can see, there are also many wonderful places to visit in the Maldives.

Here’s how the Maldives can renew your soul and lure you in to experience the island yourself.

1. Total Relaxation

As you make your first step to the Maldives, the first thing that will welcome you is the gentle sound of the lapping waves. Soon, you’ll feel your shoulders start to drop as you start walking at a slower pace to officially begin unwinding, blending into the island life. With no crowds, noise, paperwork, you have all the time in the world to enjoy nature and just be yourself.

If you want to experience complete relaxation, book your stay at the JA Manafaru resort where you’ll find all the amenities guaranteed to satisfy your every need. You don’t have to worry about the accommodation, food and leisure to eat. The only thing you should be worrying about is how you can focus on enjoying your stay.

Secluded Luxury

At the Maldives, you’ll often feel that you have the island to yourself. With no buildings allowed to be higher than a palm tree, you’ll see the villas and resorts lined up along the shore, seemingly a part of the island. Because there’s a limit to resort density, the Maldives offer the best of secluded indulgence.

2. Underwater Oasis

As part of your itinerary in the Maldives, make sure to include snorkeling and diving. Once you plunge into the sea, you’ll be treated to jaw-dropping views of the reef. The variety of fish and corals you’ll witness is simply fascinating. So don’t spend all your time being on land, the Maldives’ underwater certainly has a lot to offer.

Below are some water activities you should try:

  • Dolphin Spotting – Before sunset, you can set out to the sea in search of dolphins. Once you spot a pod, you’ll see them pleating with your boat and leaping at your bow.
  • Surfing – Cinnamon Dhonvali attracts many top surfers from around the world prepared to face its magnificent break. You don’t have to worry if you’re not a pro, there are other islands where you can take surfing lessons.
  • Paddle Boarding – Since most of the islands have calm and shallow waters, stand-up paddle boarding is a great water activity to try. You can paddle along the safe bays where water is so clear you can even see fishes swimming right below your board.
  • Island Hopping – There are many wonderful islands you can visit in the Maldives. Just be sure to dress respectably since the island follows a strict Muslim code.

For more island information, be sure to grab a Maldives travel guide so you can explore other wonders of the island.

3. Maldivian Culture

There’s always something interesting about experiencing a different culture besides your own. It allows you to feel new things that will open your eyes and make you realize how big the world truly is. The Maldives itself is rich in exotic culture. Although the inhabitants are mainly Sunni Muslims, the local culture is a mix of Arab, Sinhalese and South Indian influences.

Understand island history

In the far north and south, you’ll witness the Maldives’ history before the construction of all the resorts you see today. You’ll discover Buddhist stupas, ancient mosques and shrines. Visit them with a local or tour guide to know the story of how the Maldivians converted from Buddhism to Islam.

Hop on the public ferry

If you want to connect with the local people and take in the island’s beauty, take the opportunity to travel by ferry. Forget the seaplane transfers from the airport to your resort. Engage with the locals and experience firsthand authentic Maldivian culture and hospitality.

Dance to Boduberu

Boduberu, also called “big drum,” is a dance performance by groups of men including a lead singer and three drummers. The songs narrate the stories of romance, satire and heroism. Watch out for the slow-starting beat as you may end up dancing on your feet as the music reaches its climax!

Hop on a plane to the Maldives!

Take a break from the harsh realities of the world and visit the peaceful sanctuary of the Maldives. With pristine white sand and crystalline blue waters, there’s no reason not to experience the island yourself. Make sure that you already have a hotel package booked prior to your visit to guarantee your world-class experience in this magical island getaway.


 Thomas Grundner is the Vice President of Sales and Marketing for JA Resorts & Hotels. He has more than 20 years of expertise in the hospitality and leisure industry – across international markets including Germany, Egypt and Spain. Grundner oversees all sales, marketing and revenue efforts as the company continues to build on its key growth and development strategies and further cultivates its unique blend of “Heartfelt Hospitality” and “Casual Luxury.”