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Beautiful Kitchen Wall Tiles

Beautiful Kitchen Wall Tiles

We offer the highest quality hand crafted metal work, as well as a personal family touch to all our creations.

If you are looking for one of a kind, beautiful, modernist design inspired metal work, look no further. We are the oldest continuous design house production studio and gallery for modernist metal arts in the United States.

We use recycled or responsiby sourced metals, non-conflict diamonds, recycled hard woods and 19th century ivory for inlay works of art. We do not use modern ivory derived from any wild animals in any of our work.

For customers who are able to come in to the brick and mortar store in San Francisco, we offer a one of a kind experience, and a chance to meet your artist, and view your custom designed pieces being cast before your eyes.

Beautiful Kitchen Wall Tiles

You can also order our work online from our store.

Getting started involves picking stones, metal, and sizing. The couple then moves to the designing phase, and comes to a decision about whether to cast or fabricate their rings. The decision is largely based upon the design of the ring that is desired.

Fabrication can be faster, and may involve rolling, filing, soldering, and polishing, all of which can be done in the initial 4 hour session. If the couple decides to cast their rings, they will begin to carve their own hand crafted wax bands. on the next working day, the couple will cast the rings into metal, and polish them until they shine!

In addition to custom jewelry, we offer jewelry classes through our Metalworks Jewelry School, including a very popular couple’s wedding ring workshop. Visit Metalworks for more information!

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5 Tips for Buying a California House With COVID-19

5 Tips for Buying a California House With COVID-19

We live in a difficult time, COVID-19 has become a global pandemic that has affected many sectors. Many home buying and selling processes were paused when they declared the state of alarm, but now, returning to this new normal and with the end of the de-escalation, we can rethink those steps. In today’s blog we will give you some tips to buy a house in these times.

For many people their plans to move were on stand-by, but for many others, it was during the quarantine that they realized they want to move. After spending so many weeks and months confined to our homes, many people have realized that their apartment has become too small, that a balcony or terrace would have been key, that they need more rooms to work more comfortably… And the list can be a lot Longer, what is evident, is that in many American households the needs they had regarding their home have changed. Here are our 5 tips for buying a home!

5 key tips for buying a California house with COVID-19

1. Break the piggy bank

It is time to break that piggy bank and see how much you have saved, buying a home is one of the most important steps you will take throughout your life, it is an investment and you have to think about it well and prepare well for everything that involves economic and mental level.

5 Tips for Buying a California House With COVID-19

You should bear in mind that to buy an apartment or a house, you should have saved approximately 20% of the value of the house for the entrance of the apartment and also, between 10 and 13% for the expenses and transactions of the sale such as the property registration, home insurance, and mortgage. Keep in mind that these expenses and procedures may vary depending on the autonomous community in which you are.

It is very important that you analyze what your current economic situation is and how it is expected in the future in the event of a possible regrowth, in addition to having an important savings cushion to be able to face the purchase. If the answer is yes, congratulations, you are going to become the owner of a fantastic property. If the answer is no, do not hurry, it may not be the time yet, but you can always look for a better option where to live by renting a home , without the financial commitment that a mortgage represents.

Recommended Real Estate Agent in California:

2. Tips for buying a home: have experts

Both for the procedures and to find a good mortgage, our recommendation is that you have experts in the field. Leave the future mortgage of your house in the hands of our financial experts, less headaches and the guarantee that they will get you the best conditions.

3. The search for a new home

Looking for a new home can be exhausting, endless visits, and great frustration. Therefore, one of our key tips is to make a list of what you want, this will allow you to filter your search and not waste time visiting houses that you know you will not like. These are some of the points that you should keep in mind:

The area. where do you wanna live? With the current situation, there has been a change, now people prefer to live in the periphery, especially with the greater normalization of telework: a calmer life and with more quality. Before, the problem with these areas was communication and distance from work, but being able to work from home, people began to leave the cities.
Second-hand housing or new construction.
Type of home: penthouses, ground floors, houses, flats, chalets … Think of the one that best suits your needs.
Space. How many square meters? Duplex or a plant? how many rooms? Another point that has become a basic during confinement, mini-flats are no longer a good option, now we are looking for larger homes with more rooms.
Balcony, terrace or garden. In addition to the people with dogs, the other privileged ones during this confinement were those who had an outdoor space without leaving the house, without a doubt it becomes much more enjoyable when you can sunbathe without breaching the state of alarm.
Budget. Do not make the mistake of seeing houses that go beyond what you are willing to spend or what you can afford. First, get in touch with experts who will analyze your profile and can advise you on how much you could spend and what mortgage loan they would grant you. In this way, situations are avoided in which you find the house of your dreams, but the bank does not grant it.

4. Visits

During the visits, look at key elements such as the orientation, the distribution, the neighborhood, the area, the lighting, if you need any reform, etc. You don’t want surprises, so you can visit the apartment a few times to make sure it will become your new home.

In addition, to avoid wasting time, you can ask in advance for the property’s simple note, the energy certificate and the identity card to have all the technical information of the apartment, you may not be interested after seeing that it has an energy efficiency G, so better be practical. Especially at these times it is important that the essential visits are made, you have to be cautious and take all possible precautions.

5. Buying a home and COVID-19

Buying a home and COVID-19

Try to notify the real estate agencies with room for visits, this way they will have time to do all the disinfection tasks before the visit. Here are some tips and information:

  • Keep a safe distance at all times while you are making the visit.
  • Do not maintain physical contact.
  • Don’t touch the furniture.
  • In no case do you take off your mask during the visit and wear it in the correct way (covering your mouth and nose).
  • Avoid touching your face.
  • Disinfect your hands before, after and even during the visit.
  • Finally, keep in mind that due to the situation, the buying process may take longer than usual and the real estate market will change. So be patient and when you get it, enjoy your new home!

If you need financial advice and find a home, do not hesitate to contact our team of real estate professionals to find the home of your dreams with the best conditions for your mortgage. 😉

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5 Tips to Buy Your California House In 2021

5 Tips to Buy Your California House In 2021

Here the 5 tips for investors that will make it easier for them to buy your California house in 2021.

  1. Save 20% of monthly income

One of the tips to buy a most used house is to make a budget, including the income and expenses of a house. In this analysis, 20% of the income should be allocated to savings, 30% to fixed expenses (such as housing services, transportation, food, etc.), and 50% to personal or eventual expenses.

This saving will make it possible to collect for the down payment of the property, for the first monthly payment of a mortgage loan or for other notarial expenses that must be made in order to start the sale process.

It is worth mentioning that these percentages may vary depending on the financial solvency of the buyer, as well as their needs.

  1. Carry out an analysis and quotation of the desired homes

It is important to begin with an analysis of the needs that the buyer requires in a home, as well as a list of desired locations and prices of properties for sale.

5 Tips to Buy Your California House In 2021

This will help in the first instance, to establish a goal of time in which the buyer will have to collect the savings for the real estate transaction, while it will give an idea of ​​all the requirements that will have to be collected to acquire the property.

Whether it is a new or used home, all properties need some initial investment in addition to the appraisal and the down payment, so planning and knowing the price, payment methods, and future needs of a home will be very useful.

  1. Open a savings account and invest in the short term

Savings accounts are very useful financial products for those interested in buying a home. They are generally offered by banking institutions and, as a main feature, they can increase the money saved by a smaller percentage.

This percentage increase depends on factors such as rates of return and the amount of money invested by the bank (with the owner’s permission). In this way, savings accounts not only protect investors’ money, they also increase it and use it productively.

Through these investments, buyers minimize the risk of spending money, while passively generating profits.

  1. Reduce personal or family variable expenses

Carry out a progressive cut of those expenses that represent a daily imbalance in the finances of a family and that in the long run impede the economic solvency necessary to cover the payments of a mortgage.

Variable expenses refer to outflows that occur eventually and without being planned. Being able to reduce these expenses will not only help the family budget and meet previously established savings goals, it will also provide a long-term benefit.

  1. Comply with the work requirements to apply for a mortgage loan

Some workers who want to buy a house in 2021, surely do not know the necessary requirements to apply for a loan, or do not know the ideal conditions to do so.

Due to this, government institutions such as Infonavit and Fovissste, make available to their beneficiaries easy ways to know their status as a creditor of a mortgage loan, what requirements they need to meet to finally access this benefit.

For this reason, it is advisable to consult and compile all the necessary documents to begin the transaction without haste or, otherwise, use your own income to contribute enough money to the Savings Sub-Account and get the necessary points (Infonavit 116 and Fovissste 100) , to request a prequalification and later a mortgage loan.

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