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4 Tips for Selling Chalets on Egypt’s North Coast

4 Tips for Selling Chalets on Egypt’s North Coast

A quick search on Google is enough to see a multitude of places to rent a chalet. But can we really rely on it? Is this the best way to find? It is far from certain.

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1. Websites: Caution!  

First, be aware that many chalets offered on websites are rented illegally. For example, if an individual has the right to rent his chalet for the season, he can not do so for short periods on a regular basis.

If you ever make a deposit, or if a chalet was erroneously booked on the same dates as you chose, you have little recourse. And then, how do you make sure that the second home that you are about to book really matches what is indicated?

2. Accredited and inspected 

To make the best choice, opt for a chalet accredited by the Dimensions Real Estate. If they are accredited, they have been inspected. And by the same token, it is classified according to a number of stars (from 0 to 5).

Remember, however, that a 5-star chalet is necessarily luxurious and expensive. For a family holiday, a 2-star chalet can often be very suitable. The important thing is that it has been inspected. The system is not perfect, but it’s better than going for it.

Accredited chalets are listed on the original Dimensions Real Estate Web site, one of the biggest real estate websites that sell on Egypt’s North Coast . Just go to the accommodation section.

3. Outfitters: an alternative

On the same website, you can also find a chalet in the Outfitters section. It is often much cheaper and very pleasant if you like to find yourself in the middle of the forest. The federation is responsible for inspection and classification.

Even if the number of stars does not correspond exactly to the same criteria as that of the classification of secondary residences for the resort, it gives an index of the level of comfort, conveniences and services.

4. Region by region

Alternatively, refer to a regional tourism association, visit their website or make a phone call. Dimensions Real Estate seems to be the only association to check availability in our place and then call us back. Dimensions Real Estate also offers a personalized service.

If there are chalets for rent in most parts of Egypt’s North Coast, some tourism associations are better able to inform us. Thus, on the websites of Dimensions Real Estate is classified a list of chalets for rent (also called tourist residences).

Top 10 Tips to Prepare For Your Move

Top 10 Tips to Prepare For Your Move

Moving is not easy. We do not necessarily know how to do it, where to start and we find ourselves quickly overwhelmed in the middle of his boxes. In this period of moving, we offers a summary of the 10 most important tasks to perform to optimize the preparation of his move.

1. Contact moving companies to solicit multiple quotes

Start your search for movers two to three months before the date you have set for your move. This delay allows moving companies to plan their agenda in advance, to set up if necessary, an organized or grouped trip and so you can get cheaper rates. To save time, think of which simplifies your task by negotiating for you several moving quotes.

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Flash Moving Company Interstate Service.

 2. Get moving cartons and start packing

Once you have signed with a moving company, it can put at your disposal the boxes and packaging you need. The number of moving boxes required will usually have been estimated in advance by the moving expert who will have made your estimate.

As soon as you get the boxes, start filling them with the goods you use little, so as not to be overloaded shortly before the move.

3. Make your address changes and transfer or terminate your contract

At one month of the deadline, make your change of address with the administrations which have your current address (CAF, CPAM, bank etc.). If you think you have forgotten some organizations, you can also ask to forward your mail.

Remember also to transfer or cancel your various contracts (electricity, gas, water, internet , home insurance …) so you do not continue to pay for a home in which you do not live, and to enjoy it from the day of your move .

4. Check the parking authorization

15 days before the move, make sure that the parking permit for the moving truck is taken into account by the competent authorities. This authorization must be requested no later than 15 days before the move. If you move with a professional this one takes care of it in general.

5. Finalize your cards and pick up what’s on the wall

In the 8 days before your move, it’s time to finish your cards. Pack everything you do not need on D-Day. For example, you need to leave your household utensils, which will be used to clean the house after the movers leave.

If you still have items on the wall (tables, shelves, curtain rods, etc.), unhook them from the wall – this action is not supported by the movers – and put in cardboard what can be.

6. Prepare the furniture

The day before your move, prepare all the furniture that will be removed by the movers:

  • Drain washing machine and dishwasher
  • Defrost the freezer
  • Unplug electrical appliances

7. Clear access

The day before the move, rather than the arrival of movers, remember to clear all access. Do not leave anything at the doors or in the hallways, even if you think it will make their job easier. It is better to group the maximum number of boxes in a room without hindering the passage.

8. Clean the accommodation

After the move of movers, think about cleaning up your home to prepare the inventory. Know that this is a benefit that can be offered by movers also, who often have contracts with cleaning companies.

9. Raise the counters

You can then read all the meters and turn off the water, electricity and gas. This step is important, and you avoid paying extra energy and water that you do not use.

10. Check fragile and movable cartons

In your new home, open the boxes as they are delivered to ensure nothing has been damaged or broken. Do the same for furniture and appliances. This will allow you to report any damage on the waybill before the departure of the movers.

One last tip, which allows you to significantly facilitate your move: entrust the organization of your move to.

Our moving broker service takes care of your entire movers search, answers your questions and advises you throughout the preparation of your move. And it’s free and without commitment!

We wish you a good move!

7 Things to Do Before Renting Your House

7 Things to Do Before Renting Your House

While renting your home may seem as simple as posting an ad on the real estate listing site in Marrakech, we recommend that you reserve a little time to prepare for your new business before you enter the world of research and tenant management. Here are seven essential steps that every new owner should take:

1. Get an insurance policy

Buying a homeowner’s insurance (also called rental property insurance) is one of the most important steps to take before renting your home. In addition to the items covered by a typical homeowner policy, the homeowner’s insurance will protect you from significant damage caused by tenants, as well as legal actions they may take against you. Be aware however that the rental property insurance does not cover the property of your tenant, who will have to take out rental insurance to cover his property.

2. Hire an accountant

Assuming that you are not an accountant or that you are unfamiliar with rental tax laws, it would be wise to hire an accountant to help you sort through the tax implications of renting your home. . An accountant will help you determine what documents you need to keep in order to view Schedule E at tax time. It can also help you find a way to lower your tax bill by helping you choose the right depreciation strategy.

3. Ask a lawyer to review your rental agreement

A lawyer specializing in real estate law can help you ensure that your lease Marrakech apartment does not contain any illegal provision, while protecting you from the financial damage that may result from tenants exploiting flaws in your contract. A good lease will specify how tenants can and can not use the property, how many people can occupy the lease, what insurance is required, who pays for the utility and what will happen if the tenant does not does not respect its obligations.

4. Establish criteria for a tenant

By following the guidelines of the Fair Housing Act, define a set of criteria that your rental applicants will have to meet and note it on paper for distribution to potential tenants when you show them the property. These criteria should include monthly income levels and acceptable credit scores, as well as the number of tenants who can occupy the home. You should also outline your smoking and pet policies.

5. Prepare your documents

Beyond the lease, you must have several forms in hand before renting your house. These include rental applications, credit check authorization forms, any disclosure required by your state, move-in checklists, moving forms and various notices to tenants.

6. Get a home inspection

Having your home inspected by a professional will help you resolve critical maintenance issues before your tenants move in. Home inspector in Myrtle Beach will protect you from potential legal problems, while avoiding you having to answer several maintenance phone calls in the first weeks following the rental villa Marrakech. Your property. Inspecting the home before a tenant moves and after departure will also provide third-party documentation of any damage caused by the tenant.

7. Clean, paint and landscape

Nothing can replace a deep cleaning and a new coat of paint to illuminate the interior of your rental home. While trendy upgrades may be optional, if you want to attract the most qualified tenants, this basic rental hygiene is essential. Also, it is important to ensure that the lawn and garden surrounding your rental home is tidy before displaying the “For Rent” sign.

Do You Need California State Taxes on Exchange 1031?

Do You Need California State Taxes on Exchange 1031?

An exchange allows a 1031 real estate investor to sell a property without having to pay the profit tax, and buy another with the proceeds. Most states that impose income tax honor the effect of trading by relieving 1031 investors of their tax debt from the state as well. California is one of those states.

IRS Regulation

An exchange of 1031, so named for the Internal Revenue Code that defines the process, occurs when one owner reinvests the proceeds from the sale of the sale of a rental property into the purchase of another rental property. The product must be held by a qualified intermediary – who is a person or an unrelated business – and specific deadlines for the identification and purchase of the replacement property are met. In a 1031 exchange, profits from the sale are not taxed until the replacement property is sold. An exchange can be done 1031 countless times, however. If the replacement property is itself sold in an exchange of 1031, and each subsequent sale is effected by means of an exchange of 1031, the tax is deferred indefinitely no.

California Regulation

Normally, according to the California Franchise Tax Commission, 3,333 percent of the sale price or 9.3 percent of the profit is withheld by an investor when selling real estate in California. The board provides an exception, however, for owners who can attest that the transfer is part of a 1031 exchange, as defined by the Internal Revenue Code, because the sales associated with an exchange are not submitted 1031 to California tax.

In California, however, you are not taxed on the sale of a 1031 property, according to William Exeter, president of Exeter 1031 Exchange Services. But if you sell a property and use a 1031 Exchange Rules to buy property in another state, you must pay the tax on the portion of the tax associated with California property when you sell the property in the other state.

2010 Proposed Prohibition California

In response to a disastrous budget situation, in 2010, the California legislature considered removing the exemption from California’s 1031 tax regulations. AB 2640 originally included language selling a property associated with a fully taxable 1031. On its second reading, this language was removed from the bill, to the effect that the exchanges are still 1031 honored under tax law in California.

What is happening in Other States?

Some states, like Texas, do not have state income tax. In these states do not trigger a state tax, or sales 1031 regular exchanges. However, there may be exceptions to this rule. For example, if a limited liability company makes an exchange of 1031 in that state, a tax on the gross receipts will be due on sale. In states that impose an income tax, trading rules vary 1031. In Mississippi, Oregon and Vermont, for example, to defer property tax, property sold and purchased must be located in the state. Pennsylvania is the only state that does not recognize any exchange.

5 Basic Tips to Make an Investment in Real Estate

5 Basic Tips to Make an Investment in Real Estate

Buying real estate in the Riviera Maya is a very attractive investment; in this article we make some recommendations so that your estate is safe.

1. Look for a certified agent

It is important first of all to verify that you have a qualified real estate consultant that meets the requirements of the Real Estate Services Act.

A simple way to verify that your real estate agent is a professional is to request that he show you his accreditation and registration that certifies him. Another effective way is to locate your agent through the AMPI page of your locality.

2. Make sure your advisor has made a prior review of the property’s documentation and physical conditions

Your advisor should be informed of the protocols to review the documents of the property and ensure that there are no legal problems with the property.

Some of the aspects to be evaluated are: review the background of the property, investigate whether there are debts or legal problems as intestate. In the area of ​​construction it is necessary to verify the measurements and adjoining, installation of services, operation of common areas, etc.

3. Find out with your advisor what is the best legal option that corresponds to your investment project

It is necessary for your advisor to evaluate your financial, legal and commercial situation so that he recommends products that are appropriate to your profile. Not all sales are the same and it is necessary that your agent knows the different ways in which you can acquire real estate and which are the best for your specific case.

This means that your broker must know the schemes for individuals and morals, domestic and foreign customers, to mention a few variants.

4. Consult with your advisor, what would be the legal and fiscal scheme to acquire the property

Your real estate agent must submit in writing a document stipulating all expenses, payments, taxes and permits that are linked to the purchase of the property.

This is to ensure that you have sufficient funds to cover the different responsibilities that correspond to you as a buyer, such as the payment of title deeds, installation of services, payment of maintenance fees, etc.

5. Review all documents personally, and seek legal help if you consider it necessary

At the time of signing the writing, review yourself all the documents and the data contained therein, ask questions or if you have many questions ask a trusted lawyer to review the documentation.

Remember that as a buyer you can choose the Notary and legal advisor of your confidence! If the HMO lеttіng аgеnt уоu аrе lооkіng аt dоеѕ nоt undеrѕtаnd these tеrmѕ thеn thеу аrе the wrong реrѕоn to bе wоrkіng wіth аnd ѕо mаkе ѕurе уоu ask thеm about іt аnd уоu fееl comfortable thеу knоw whаt thеу аrе talking аbоut.