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The 10 Best Real Estate Blogs to Learn about Real Estate

The 10 Best Real Estate Blogs to Learn about Real Estate

The Internet is full of important information on all aspects of real estate investment. Some of the best advice can often be found on blogs and not so much in the offices of financial advisers. When investing in real estate, it is essential that you do your research, so below is our selection of the Best real estate blogs of 2018 to help you do exactly that.

  1. Bigger Pockets

Bigger Pockets is a social network, information center and Market for real estate investors. His blog has a wealth of information in the form of articles, podcasts, webinars and videos, all with the aim of helping investors make the best decisions when it comes to the real estate market.

  1. The Real Estate Guys

Originally formatted as a radio show, The Real Estate Guys is run by Robert Helms and Russell Gray, both real estate experts with more than two decades of experience in finance. The site offers useful articles on all topics, from investing abroad to basic investment approaches, covering all bases with respect to experience level.

  1. Investor Guide

Although not specifically dedicated to the real estate market, the Investor Guide is a useful tool for evaluating the financial landscape, and offers a useful category in real estate. As a larger-scale site, the Investor Guide has the benefit of having a global reach and access to information that may not be available to the average blogger.

  1. Epic Real Estate

Epic Real Estate is an educational investment property blog that aims to explain the complicated glossary of the real estate world to the general public. Its founder Matt is a real estate professional with thirteen years of experience whose goal is to help others obtain passive property gains.

  1. NuWire

Another investment site in general is NuWire that is dedicated to providing information to investors to help them achieve the best possible returns. Its Real Estate section is comprehensive and with a lot of internal information, and its section “How to do …” is extremely useful – see, for example, this article about retirement strategies.

  1. A Student of the Real Estate Game

A Student of the Real Estate Game is a blog run by Joe Stampone, a procurement manager for a private investment firm in New York. Joe’s story began only seven years ago, going from unemployed to a real estate professional from one day to the next. In this blog he accompanies him in the steps to follow and shows him how he did it.

  1. CRE Tech

CRE Tech is a site dedicated to the relationship between the real estate industry and technology. Although the focus is on the commercial property market, CRE Tech analyzes the range of impacts that technology can have on the real estate market; Its investment section is especially useful to evaluate the various technological options available to real estate investors.

  1. Calculated Risk

Written by Bill McBride, Calculated Risk is a blog that deals with finance and investments on a large scale, and often with a focus on the real estate market. This blog is a bit more specific and profound compared to the others listed here, targeting those who already know something about the Investment Market, but the information is extremely valuable if you know what you are looking for.

  1. RE Tipster

RE Tipster is another blog aimed at helping people obtain extra income through real estate investment. The site allows you to send questions to property expert who works there, Seth Williams, and has a resource page to help people get started in the property investment market.

  1. CRE Online

This is more a site of teaching and community, CRE Online aims to teach ordinary people the rounds of real estate investment. The site has many followers and offers useful articles for each step in the investment process, as well as specific advice on how to take the best options in the real estate market – see, for example, this article about sub-valued properties (undervalued properties).

8 Tips to Look for a Flat for Student Accommodation Australia

8 Tips to Look for a Flat for Student Accommodation Australia

Finding a flat in a big city is always an odyssey. But if you add to that, you have to look for accommodation in a foreign country, in English and without knowing the tricks of those who live there, things get even more complicated.

That’s why we’re going to give you several tips that will be very useful when you have to look for a flat or a room to rent to stay and live at ease.

  1. Ask your acquaintances and check the ad websites

The best bargains never last long, and those who first find out are always the acquaintances of the one who rents it. When you are in the process of finding Student Accommodation Australia, tell everyone you can! You never know where the home of your dreams will be. The main pages of ads for flats for rent are gumtree, and easyroommate. Check also the Facebook pages hosting each city. Check that the ad always has photos of the rooms and the rest of the house (and that they look realistic); that the rental price is clearly reflected (and if it is per week, biweekly or monthly) and bail; that you know if the expenses (electricity, gas, water …) are included or not in the price. In addition to a cozy apartment, you will want some nice and kind flatmates.

  1. If a floor looks good, do not say no to an ‘inspection’

A visit to a flat in English is an ‘inspection’. If you see an apartment that looks good and you have the option of going to see it at a time that does not particularly suit you, look for a way to adapt. The demand to rent rooms in apartments for students or young people is very high. They know that if you do not keep it you will have another, so be quick and charming. Normally it is the roommates themselves who teach the house (if you are looking for a room in a shared flat) and choose the new roommate.

  1. That they do not tease you

Do not pay anything before you see the room / floor / house. As in any country, there is legislation on leases. The legal thing is that there is a rental contract. Know well what your responsibility is and what the responsibility of the landlord is: defects, appliances that break or fail, breakdowns, etc. And make sure that when you say yes to a lodging, you’ve seen that everything works well (we already know that sometimes things do not look like that, but try it): water pressure in the shower, cracks in the walls, breaks … and that you cannot blame you a flaw that you have not caused (which may be cause for you not get back bail!).

  1. Find a neighborhood that you love

You will be much happier in your day to day life if the neighborhood where you live has everything you need. For each person the priorities are different, but in general, look for a supermarket nearby, pharmacy, a coffee shop, which is centrally located or close to a transport that suits you … and that the neighborhood environment you like. In Australia there are many options of houses or flats. Below we will mention several neighborhoods in different cities of Australia to inspire you 😉

  1. Eye with the flatmates

When you are looking for accommodation, even for a few months, you are looking for a home. And having a roommate who turns your home into a pigsty or with whom you do not fit into anything can become a hell. Think about your needs and priorities: if you want a more or less strict house with cleanliness; if you want to live with people who are more sociable and make life in common or who go totally to their ball; if you want to live with Australians, Spaniards or other international students (keep in mind that if you live with Spaniards it is very likely that your English does not advance as much as it could); and in short, look for people with whom you congenic more or less. They do not have to become your friends (maybe yes!) But at least there is a certain harmony.

  1. Share room or not

This is something that you should value. In some Australian cities, mainly in Sydney and Melbourne, it is quite common to share a room due to accommodation prices. The closer to the center you live, the more expensive it will be. Take an account and decide which the best option for you is.

  1. Things you will need and where to find them

When you enter a room, even if it is furnished, it is very likely that you will have to do with sheets, towels, quilt, pillow, etc. As in all countries, there are a thousand places where you can find it, but there are a couple of stores in Australia with very cheap prices for these things that will easily solve the ballot. We recommend you take a look at Kmart and Target. There are many shopping centers.

  1. Respect and respect you

If it’s your first time sharing a flat, quiet. We have all gone through it. Regardless of the culture and the country, whether in Australia, in Spain or anywhere, the maxim for living together is always the same: respect and you will be respected. Respecting the spaces and things of each one, the rest of others and not being a disaster will save you fights and dislikes.