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Plastering Tools – All You Need to Beautify Your Home

Plastering Tools – All You Need to Beautify Your Home

When it comes to works like plastering, getting the right tool is half the battle won. The right tool does not only help in getting the work done well, it also helps you in getting it done faster. So, if you are going to plaster a wall you should equip yourself with the right tools. Here we are sharing the whole list so that you don’t need to create a list on your own.

Trowel – It is the most basic plastering tool. It helps you in flattening the plaster coat after applying it to the wall. It allows the user to smoothen the plastered surface. You need to keep its surface clean so that it can give the smooth finish. If the flat surface of the tool is ruined with plaster residue then it will create scratches in any further works.

Hawk – This is a sister tool of the trowel. The hawk is used to carry plaster while working with the trowel. It makes the work comparatively easy because carrying a bucketful of plaster is not an easy task. This helps the user in finishing the work really fast as there’s no need to bend to the bucket for every scoop of plaster.

Serrated Edge – This is a very popular tool for giving the plastered tool a professional finish. It is used for leveling the render. It also comes handy in removing any hidden air pockets in the plaster and highlighting the deep spots.

Mixing Drill – Mixing plaster and water with a wooden stick is not only an old school technique but also time and energy consuming. With a mixing drill, you can get done the work within a minute. And, you can also rest assured to get a lump free mixture when you use a mixing drill instead of a wooden stick.

Sandpapers – The sandpapers are used to smooth out rough and uneven surface that may occur after plastering. The coarse grit sandpapers are used to do the work quickly over the large area. While the fine grit sandpapers are used to give the plastered area a finishing touch. If the area is small the work can be directly done by the fine grit sandpapers.

Utility Knives – As the name suggests these are a type of knives and are used to cut plaster tape to the proper size. These are used to cut out the edges of holes in a smooth manner. The tool comes very handy while repairing old walls.

Buckets – Yes you have never seen a bucket as a tool or equipment. But, it is one of the most important tools used while plastering. Obviously, you need one bucket for preparing the plastering mix. But, this is not it; there are couple more tasks that need you to have some buckets lined up while plastering a wall. Buckets of clean water always come handy to keep cleaning your tools while working or your tool may get ruined just after one day of plastering.

Step Ladder – If you are not a professional plasterer you will like having a step ladder that can help you get to the higher edges of your walls. Always consider buying a step ladder equipped with a pan shelf at the top. This will help you carry all the needed tools while working on the high walls. You can borrow scaffoldings if you feel the need.

Respirator – You do not need this breathing mask respirator for plastering but for your own safety. The work of plastering is full of hazardous powders and chemicals that can irritate your lungs when inhaled. So, use a respirator while mixing the plaster or smoothening the wall with sandpapers etc. And, please don’t confuse it with a simple dust mask.

Gloves – Use rubber or latex gloves while plastering or doing any related job. Plaster, lime, cement, paint, and adhesives can all be irritating on your skin. So, you need a safety protection for yourself while working to make your house beautiful.

Goggles – You need to wear goggles or painters’ glasses while working with lime. You can skip this while you are working on your shoulder level. But, you cannot afford to work without an eye protection while plastering the ceiling.

Masking Plastic – You will need plastic or drop cloth to mask your floor before you start plastering the walls. You cannot ruin your floor while making your walls beautiful. So, cover the floor well because removing dried plaster from the floor would not be an easy task.

The list is long but you do not need to run from posts to pillars for getting them. Because you have a one-stop shop here for all your plastering needs.

Creating the Perfect Planning Application Map

Creating the Perfect Planning Application Map

Whether you are planning to build a house or an entire housing estate you will need to create a perfect planning application map that does not get rejected. You put so much effort into creating your planning application. The planning application is that base upon which you hope to build your dream project. So, in any case, you do not want it to get rejected.

We understand that you put all your efforts and time to create a planning application and it never feels good to see it turned down. This is the reason we thought of creating a small guide to help you with the perfect planning application map.

The most common reasons for rejection of a planning application map

To create the perfect planning application map it is necessary to know the most common mistakes so that you don’t repeat those mistakes.

  • The location of your site is not clearly marked on the Ordnance Survey Map. If the officer cannot make out your site located, at a glance, he will reject your application without thinking much.
  • You have used an old and outdated map. If your map is not updated with the most recent developments in the area it will not give a true picture. Hence the officer will reject the application outright.
  • Either you have not shown a scale or have used the wrong one. Without a scale, nothing can be measured accurately. So, the officer gets all the right to reject your application.
  • You have used a hand-drawn inaccurate map rather than the Ordnance Survey Planning map. A very accurate measurement is required for passing any project so as not to create any dispute.
  • Your map does not point North. This one single mistake makes the entire map useless.
  • You have photocopied someone else’s map instead of using an authorized copy. This is a clear breach of copyright so the officers would never approve this kind of applications.

Tips on creating the perfect site location plan that does not get rejected  

Now, that you know the mistakes you need to avoid we can proceed to the tips that will help you create a winning planning application map.

  • Use an updated Ordnance Survey Maps. You can visit a very interesting site about mapping for an updated ordnance survey map and some other really helpful features for creating the right planning application map.
  • Always use an identified standard scale in your application map. This scale is generally 1:1250 for urban and 1:2500 for rural or larger applications.
  • Never forget to clearly mark the direction of North on your map.
  • Create the map that can be accurately scaled to A3 or A4 size sheets.
  • Clearly mention the date of the survey or the ordnance survey license number to show your map is not old.
  • Show the details of buildings, roads, parks etc. that surrounds the area of your planned project.
  • Highlight the area you need to develop your project in red ink. Never use some other colors.
  • Don’t forget to highlight another land, if any, owned by you in the close proximity of the applied area. To highlight these lands you need to use blue ink.

Additional things to add to a block plan of your planning application map

You might not need a block plan in some areas. But, some local authorities need a block plan map in addition to the location plan map. While making a block plan you need to keep all the things mentioned in the location plan section above. The following are the additional requirements for a block plan.

  • Identified standard scale for block plan is generally 1:200 and 1:500.
  • You need to show all buildings, footpaths, and roads on the adjoining land of your site. This must include public access arrangements.
  • You have to show all the public right pathways adjoining or crossing your site.
  • You cannot miss indicating all the trees on your as well as the adjoining sites.
  • You need to show the type and extent of hard surfacing in the area adjoining your site.
  • You have to clearly depict the proposed walls, fencing, and gates of your project.

Should you follow the above guidelines your proposal will not get rejected based on a faulty map. To make sure you are putting your efforts on the correct map, always get it from the approved planning map providers who have access to the most updated versions of ordnance survey maps.

9 Places You Must Visit When In Jupiter, Florida

9 Places You Must Visit When In Jupiter, Florida

Located in the Palm Beach County, Jupiter is famous for its beaches and natural wildlife. Considering that it has been named as the 9th happiest seaside town in the US in 2012, a visit to the place will definitely help you get rid of the stress of your professional life. And in case you do not know which places to visit in the region, the following list should help you have a good time in Jupiter, Florida.

Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge

Located partly in Jupiter Island and in Martin County, the Hobe Sound National Wildlife Refuge was set up in 1969 and is spread over an area of more than 1000 hectares.  The region is known for its diverse wildlife and is managed by the US Fish & Wildlife Service. One of the most productive nesting sites of sea turtles is located at the Jupiter Island.  In addition to watching wildlife, you can also enjoy other activities like surfing and hiking in the region. And in case you are into collecting shells at the beach shores, then the coastal areas will be of particular interest to you.

Loggerhead Marine Life Center

If you are fond of sea turtles and wish to observe them in their natural habitat, then a visit to the Loggerhead Marine Life Center is a must-do activity. Set up in 1983, the life center focuses on preserving the ocean ecosystem in the region, with special attention given to the endangered sea turtles in the region. There are interactive exhibits on the campus, and you can also take a sneak peek as to how the baby turtles are nursed from their injuries at the sea turtle hospital located in the center. And if you visit the place at night, never forget to participate in the enchanting Turtle Walk program.

Flagler Museum

Built in the year 1902 by oil tycoon Henry Flagler, this was considered as one of the most majestic private dwellings in the world by the New York Herald. The property boasts of about 55 rooms, and it is entirely themed around European architectural and design styles of the early 1900s. Constantly regarded as a national pride as far as monuments are concerned, you should definitely visit the museum if you are seriously into architecture or anything related to it. You will be able to inspect antique furniture, artworks, and furnishings from a bygone era. In addition, a 1200-pipe organ and a secret staircase are also sure to capture the interest of whoever visits the place.

Arthur R Marshall Loxahatchee National Wildlife Refuge

Covering a region of more than 140,000 acres, this refuge is the best place if you are into bird watching since the area is said to be the home to about 250 species of birds both native and migratory species. You can also take the bike trail or a walking trail to enjoy the sceneries of the region. So, remember to take your grills with you if you plan on eating a tasty barbeque meal in between the walk. But remember to clean up the grills after using it. If you do not know the correct cleaning process, then this blog explains how to properly clean a BBQ Grill.

Roger Dean Stadium

Are you interested in sports, specifically baseball? If so, then you should definitely consider checking out Roger Dean Stadium. It has the unique distinction of being the only American stadium to have hosted four minor league teams.  The stadium has about 6.600 seats. And if there is any match between the teams, we suggest that you take a ticket to the game and soak yourselves in the intense support of the fans of the home team. And if you choose to visit when games are not being played, you can visit the practice ground, pitching mounds, outdoor batting cages, and so on.

Busch Wildlife Sanctuary

This is a unique sanctuary in the sense that it is somewhat a combination of a sanctuary and a refuge. Follow the natural trails of the region and you should soon come across numerous animals like bears, crocodiles, panthers, and so on.  This place is highly recommended in case you are visiting with your family since the kids will love exploring the wildlife while you and your spouse can also spend some great time together. There is also a wildlife hospital in the region.

Riverbend Park

Spread over an area of about 680 acres, Riverbend Park is the place to visit in case you have an interest in kayaking. Rent a kayak from any of the rental services, and you can explore the beautiful waterways which are lined with cypress trees, while at the same time satisfying the thrill of a kayaking through a river. You can also find numerous animals in the region, including creatures like egrets, deer, herons, and so on.

Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse & Museum

Designed by George G. Meade, a civil war hero, the lighthouse was built in 1860 and stands tall at about 108 feet. When in Jupiter, an obligatory visit to this place is a must since it has great historical importance in the region. While the view of the surrounding ocean is itself breathtaking, the lighthouse also has a museum that showcases numerous documents, photographs, and maps that detail the history of the place. This is definitely a place that anyone will enjoy if they choose to visit, whether it be a five-year-old kid or a 60-year-old grandma.

Blowing Rocks Preserve

Boasting of having the biggest outcropping of Anastasia limestone in the US Eastern coast, the Blowing Rocks Preserve offers a truly beautiful and mysterious experience for visitors, the best time to visit the place is when a storm is brewing since the blowing rocks will look majestic as the numerous waves crash and spray against the rocks in a rhythmic manner. However, if the weather is clear, you can still visit the place and enjoy lazing on the beautiful beachfront. For nature enthusiasts, you will find many native plants in the area that can satisfy your interest.

5 Tips for Kitchen Remodeling

5 Tips for Kitchen Remodeling

Do you feel that the kitchen is taking a backseat in your house while the other rooms always get the preference? Your kitchen is an integral part of your home it deserves just as much attention. Does your kitchen lack the vibes and the fanciness unlike the rest of your house? Give your kitchen a makeover! And when you do, keep these few basic tips in mind when remodeling your kitchen.

1- Keep up with the trends

Trends change very often in this fast-paced world. Many of them also make their way back on the top, perhaps with a little twist. Be up-to-date with the new styles or trends in the kitchen improvement section. Technology is increasingly paving its way into every aspect these days, including kitchen modelling. A mixture of science, art and technology is what might form your next kitchen structure. Get a combination of convenience and aesthetics in your brand-new kitchen.

This being said, choose a kitchen style that complements the rest of the house. It needs to blend in with the other rooms. If the kitchen is the only part of the house that looks new and different, that is just odd!

2- Convenience should come first

In an attempt to look gorgeous, we often load ourselves with heavy makeup, tight but pretty clothes and horribly uncomfortable heels. And what happens in the end? We just can’t handle it! Instead, put on a simple outfit, let down your hair with minimal make up, and you look just as stunning. Apply this concept to your kitchen reconfiguration too!

Don’t move around things and make drastic inconvenient changes just because you need a different look. Something are meant to be the same. The kitchen should be ergonomically designed to minimize your movement and hence, time spent in it. A very normal example would be to keep your dishwasher next to the sink. If not, you would have a trail of drops between the two.

3- Don’t mess with the plumbing system

This is especially if you are not willing to stretch your budget much. Avoid moving the water and gas lines to allow repositioning of sinks, ovens and stoves. This would burn a much bigger hole in your pocket. And not to mention, messing with the existing systems, especially in older homes is a big hassle and may take much longer. Thus, maintain these are they are unless it is absolutely necessary for the new look, would be enhancing convenience and would be adding a lot to the charm.

4- Don’t settle when it comes to counter space

The counter space is where you will be spending most of your time – mixing, cutting, stuffing and what not. This must be given a lot of importance when remodeling the kitchen. Have enough space for your hands to work around without a hitch.

5- Storage area is a must

You will regret it later if you don’t emphasize on this. Have ample space for your utensils and other equipment. There are many storage solutions today to get the most out of a small space such as super cabinet and pantries.

If you are thinking of remodeling your kitchen, you should consider hiring professionals so the work is up to the mark. If you are looking for a Home remodeling in Phoenix , be sure to hire the best.

What You Need To Know When Selling Your Luxury House

What You Need To Know When Selling Your Luxury House

While selling a normal home itself is a difficult process, selling a luxury home can prove to be even more difficult. This primarily has to do with the fact that there will be far fewer buyers for a luxury home than a normal home. And in case you are looking to sell off your luxury home, then ensure that you keep the following tips in mind.

Top Class Marketing

Anything that is classified as luxury, whether it is cars, jewelry, homes, or anything else, has one thing in common – they are presented in a luxurious way. You won’t find a luxury watch being presented in a piece of newspaper. Instead, the watch will be shown in a luxurious, glittering surrounding. And this adds value to the watch. The same principle applies to selling a luxury home. Just having a pricey home is not good enough. You have to showcase it in a luxurious manner. And this is why the marketing process of the sale must be of top quality.  Hire good photographers and take some mind-blowing photographs and videos of the home. Get a top-notch copywriter to write the description of your home. Have an excellent designer prepare the sales brochure. When you market the luxury home in this way, you increase your chances of getting the highest price possible for the house.

Buyer Profile

You need to thoroughly research a potential buyer and create a psychological profile of what makes them tick. Doing so will allow you to customize your presentation to the buyer. This will give you a huge advantage during the sales process, even enabling you to make them accept your terms and price. For example, if you come to know that the buyer likes to house parties once a month at home, then you can show the backyard of the home and indicate to them how they can conduct some grand parties in there. Using such psychological tactics will definitely help you sell your luxury home at your desired price.


You should also know how to value your home properly. While a regular home can be priced by checking the median price of homes in the region, a luxury home has a different pricing process. It has to be valued taking into account not only its location but also its uniqueness. For example, it might be the only home in the region which is located close to the beach. This will obviously give it a big boost in value when compared to other homes. Plus, you must not price the home too low, since it can come off as cheap. The price should be such that the house can retain its sense of luxury.

And if you are in a hurry to sell off your home and do not wish to go through the process of marketing and waiting for a sale, then it is recommended that you contact ‘Sell My House to Smith’. Once they check your home, they will offer you an instant cash offer.