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The Typical Stages of New Home Construction

The Typical Stages of New Home Construction

Building a new house is a complex process, and it involves many important details, each of which must be included in the planning and implementation. Failing to attend to even one of these items may seriously compromise the entire structure.

Generally, new home construction includes several standard stages. Certainly, all builders are different, and some builders may, in fact, approach construction differently than other builders. One builder might also complete the standard steps in a slightly different sequence than another builder. However, no matter the individual approach, the standard stages of new home construction remain essentially the same. Described below are the basic phases included in the typical construction of a new home.

Site Preparation

This is the initial phase, during which the land is prepared for construction. Vegetation and other objects are removed to make way for the new structure that will eventually exist on a site. This excavation and grading process should be done in such a way that the soil, surface, and root system are left intact.

Laying the Foundation

After the initial planning and preparation phase, the foundation is laid on the prepared site. Wooden forms are positioned to create a template for the foundation itself. Footings between the future building and the ground are installed. Concrete is poured into the various trenches and holes prepared by the work crew.


After the foundation is laid, the framing begins. For most homes, lumber is used to frame the roof, walls, and floors. This exterior frame is then covered with a house wrap, which serves as protection. This is the time when beams, columns, and trusses are created and positioned. In addition, windows and doors may also be formed.

Roofing and Siding

Next, the roofing materials and siding are added to the frame. These items may be constructed relatively quickly, depending on the materials and scope of the project.

Plumbing, Electrical, and HVAC

The next step is to install the plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems. This includes the wiring systems, such as electrical, cable, phone, and Ethernet wiring. These phases might be done in various steps that take place at different times throughout the remainder of the construction process. After the initial, or “rough,” phase of installing these systems, other stages of construction need to be completed before the electrical, HVAC, and plumbing systems may be fully installed and operational.

Insulation and Drywall

The insulation also needs to be installed, followed by the drywall. At this point, the crew may also complete the interior finishes and exterior textures. Underlayment might also be placed where the flooring will ultimately go.

Interior Trim and Appliances

The interior trim is often the next step in the process and includes placing items such as the baseboards, door and window trims, and moldings. Mirrors, shower doors, and other fixtures may be positioned in the bathrooms, and kitchen fixtures may also be installed. The crew may also install cabinets and counters in the kitchen and bathrooms at this time. This is an opportune time to bring in any appliances that will be included in the new construction. During this stage, the flooring and carpets may be placed over the underlayment, as well.

Exterior Trim

Another important step is the installation of exterior features, such as patios, walkways, and driveways. Builders may vary with regard to which stage of construction they choose for laying driveways. Some builders do this when they lay the foundation, other builders do it when creating the other exterior trim features, and still others choose to lay the driveway at the very end of construction.


At this point in the project, the crew might paint the house. They may paint the exterior and interior at the same time or at different times.


Once the plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems have been completed, the crew performs the hookup to the water main or well. They can also do the hookup to the sewer or install a septic system.

Punch List

Finally, the contractor should go through a punch list before the project is considered complete. This list covers all of the many details that must not be overlooked. The punch list typically includes details such as checking to see that the telephone jacks are working, double-checking the doorbell for functionality, and ensuring that items such as toilets, air conditioners, and garage doors work properly. The punch list should be as thorough as possible.

All builders devise their plans according to their own vision and experience. However, certain stages of new home construction are standard and must be covered. Homes built by reputable contractors follow industry standards.

A Small Guide to Writing Environmental Reports

A Small Guide to Writing Environmental Reports

Are you looking around for help to complete an environmental report? Or, have you got stuck at a particular section of your report and do not know how to carry on with it? While there are no set rules to write environment based reports, different companies may have their own norms to make them presentable. Here are some important topics and headings that are to be mentioned in these documents.


The importance of environmental concerns for any given organization is best depicted in the introduction. Along with stressing on the topic that you intend to introduce and talk about in the other sections of your report, you also need to highlight your company’s motivation in making environmental efforts a success.

Energies / Climate changes

In this section, you can appropriately outline the areas related to energy and climate changes on your organization, stakeholders and the public at large. Highlight the energy spending in context to transport, supply chains, disposal of goods, etc. to showcase complete understanding of the topic under consideration. You may want to outline the carbon footprints, describe the areas of carbon emission, the details of infrastructure employed, types of boiler systems used, etc.


This section can be used for highlighting all across-the-year efforts made for improving environmental performance. The monitoring terms and methods of all existing and new initiatives can also be detailed comprehensively in the report. Focus on the developments in environmental credentials; especially the ones related to the main agenda points that have given off the maximum impacts.

Waste and recycling

It is advisable to find recent statistics pertaining to waste management and recycling of waste products and include the same in this section. The types of waste and recycled products should be mentioned. The percentage of the waste being recycled from the total quantum of waste produced deserves a note in the report as well.

Supply chain

It is now common for organizations to include environmental checks in the supply chains maintained and used by them. At most times, the supply chains adhere to the appropriate environmental standards set in by regulatory authorities and the management alike. The report has to ensure that the significance given to all environment based regulations are complied with to the fullest.


This section necessarily demonstrates the involvement of your company to make things more energy efficient by imparting consumers and employees with the right training. For instance, notes regarding carbon labelling on manufactured products, staff training, recycling of packaging, programs for improving environmental credentials, can be included in this section of your report.

If you have been commissioned to write the environmental section of your company’s CSR reports, then the tips mentioned above will surely help you chart out the appropriate path for yourself. The best environmental reports would take care of all key sections and topics. They are crisp and compact with due references to all necessary details. So, get set to draft the first copy of your report rightfully; accolades are waiting to come your way.

Support Weservemoms: Bring Single Parents and Kids under a Roof

Support Weservemoms: Bring Single Parents and Kids under a Roof

A home is a peaceful and comfortable space for the family members. This is everyone dreams to have a home whether small or big in order to spend the life with happiness. Everyone tries to buy a home whenever he reaches a certain stage of age. In most of the cases, parents prefer to make a home where they can develop their kids in a good environment.

Lack of good living space and cooperative society is one of the major disappointments for the people. One who has a home a family can easily understand how important a home is for the people living in around him. or 858 529 5014 is working to facilitate disappointed people in the society. We request the rich persons, businessmen and organizations to donate real estate in order to make a perfect charity for the improvement of a society.

Who we serve?

Our main focus is on the homeless single parents. Our organization also takes care of the people who are on edge of homelessness.  Whatever the reason is, it would be our pleasure to find and facilitate the single parents. This community development effort also ensures that no one will face problems of food insecurity, daycare costs and affordable housing in the area. People having no or low paying jobs with burdens of taxes and loans can take advantage of this collective effort. Donate houses in order to reduce their sufferings and pains.

Get dedicated charitable fund:

This is another great benefit of donating the property to charity. We encourage the donors to think about dedicated charitable fund because it may be an additional saving option. It is no longer difficult to claim tax benefits and others using this practice. IRS has special tax reduction programs for the people, individuals and organizations continuously spending money in this way. It would be great to get additional financial advantages in the form of tax deductions by donating the property. Remember, Tax deduction can be spread over 6 years. This is an amazing option to serve the nation while managing your financial accounts and spreadsheets.

How to donate property?

This could be difficult for most of the persons but we have developed numerous ways for it. We usually encourage the businessmen, companies, organizations and wealthy individuals to take part in this good deed. Our organization runs regular campaigns, seminars, walks and other social moves to bring attention towards this issue. As a matter of fact, homelessness is increasing in the country because of current financial recessions. Instability of financial situation has brought so many people on the verge of homelessness.  There is a need to support them with a solid donation and real estate the best way to do it. It can be a great gift people will remember forever.


What type of property can be donated?

Well, there is a wide range of real estate options available for the donors. It would be better to focus on the given types in order to have a better idea.

  • Wherever, whatever and whenever.
  • Donate building, houses, condos, barns and apartments.
  • Real estate within or outside the city.
  • Highly marketable, profitable and non-profitable real estate.
  • Property with no hope of value increment in future.

Develop schools, colleges and hospitals:

Today, education is another big issue for the people who can’t afford the expenses. It would be great to donate property for such noble causes.  It has been studied that creating education facilities is the biggest cause of society development and improvement. However, there is another important thing to do. or 858 529 5014 always brings the attention of target audiences towards noble causes. It would be great to donate land which will be used to develop shelters for homeless people.  A society will definitely move towards betterment when there will be no one outside a home.

Contact or 858 529 5014 :

We are delighted to announce our new projects with the support of respected donors. We have successfully developed a chain of donations in this field. This has created an excellent opportunity to provide shelter to the homeless people who are worried about their families and kids. This would be a great moment of blessing for the homeless people who don’t have any external or internal support in this matter. We are excited to bring such blessings for the society and community levels. This is our main objective and we hope that it will bring great piece of mind for the donors and beneficiaries.

Direct or indirect donations:

We encourage the donors to contact us at 858 529 5014 in order to share the details about real estate donations.

Considerations for the donors:

No doubt, real estate donations are highly valuable gifts for an organization serving the single parents and kids but there are some important things to consider in this matter.

  • Make sure you are donating something valuable.
  • Ensure that property to be donated is free from all debts.
  • Prepare an irrecoverable transfer of real estate.
  • Those who are giving property including houses, buildings and condos on temporary basis must confirm that this will be for long term in order to ensure that it will help to create shelters for homeless.

This is more than charity:

Charity has been classified in different terms according to the experts. Remember, donations in this field are given high priority because shelter is a basic right of everyone. There are so many families, individuals and kids who need a shelter to live. Helping homeless single parents and children is a great job. We invite the donors to come and see what type of facilities has been created to support the needy people in the society. Our network is present across the country that’s why there are unlimited options available for the people who want to play a significant role in community development.

Why buying a property in Gozo (Malta) is still a good idea?

Why buying a property in Gozo (Malta) is still a good idea?

Let’s be honest now. How many of you actually know where Gozo is? I thought so :-). Well, Gozo is the sister island of Malta and is located in the Mediterranean, about 100km south of Sicily. It was also the set for Brad & Angelina’s last movie together – By the Sea.

It’s fair to say that Gozo is different, unique and still undiscovered. And despite being well connected with Malta via a frequent ferry service throughout the day, the moment you set a foot on the island you feel like you have gone back in time. Time moves slower, the sea is calmer and there is a certain stillness in the air.

It comes as no surprise that Gozo is turning into a very popular tourist destination among foreigners and local people. Yes, that’s right, if there is a long weekend many Maltese people would rather visit Gozo than get on a plane and travel abroad. There is a great demand for traditional farmhouses in Gozo. Places for up to 16 people with a swimming pool and a lovely garden set in the quiet countryside.

There is a lot of demand for short let apartments too, which is quite evident by the growing number of properties on websites like Airbnb. So in a nutshell, if you are thinking of buying a property for investment purposes, Gozo seems like an excellent choice.

How about property prices though, haven’t they sky rocketed already? Actually, no. Compared to Malta, Gozo is a lot cheaper and similar properties can often be found for 30% less. There are a number of new developments and a number of properties in Gozo which are being sold on-plan offer absolutely amazing value for money. It’s not surprising to see a 2 bedroom flat for less than 130k Euros. Obviously if you fancy a luxury penthouse with stunning sea view and enough roof space to entertain 10 guests, you will have to pay a lot more. Still, no where near the prices in places like Sliema and St Julians.

Here are some statistics based on the recent average asking prices of properties for sale in Gozo:

1 Bedroom Apartments €116,800
2 Bedroom Penthouses €148,649
3 Bedroom Apartments €167,344

1 Bedroom Town Houses €153,000
2 Bedroom Town Houses €175,740
3 Bedroom Town Houses €299,000

There is another reason why buying a property in Gozo is a good idea. It’s a lovely place to retire. It offers just the right mix of things to do to keep you active and the peace of mind that you live in a safe place with nearly no crime. Also, when the rest of the Europe was experiencing a crisis and property prices were going down, things didn’t get that bad on the Maltese island. Yes, there was a slowdown in the market, but the prices just froze or dip ever so slightly.

Obviously, before even considering making such an important investment, you need to consult with an experience estate agent. There are a number of companies which specialize in selling real estate just in Gozo, but there are also quite a few international companies with offices in Gozo and Malta as well.

So yes, if you are thinking of buying a place in the sun, investing in holidays rental or considering your long term future, Gozo is definitely an option worth bearing in mind.

Important Benefits of Turnkey Real Estate Investments

Important Benefits of Turnkey Real Estate Investments

Whether you are a new and potential investor or a pro in real estate property investments, in all probability, you know the worth of turnkey real estate investments in any portfolio. When experts talk about turnkey investments in real estate, they refer to turnkey premises that are capable of being rented out by investors soon after purchase. There has been an increasing trend of people purchasing turn key projects that need small or nil efforts for being rented out to tenants. These premises are generally rehabbed by real estate companies dealing in turnkey projects. In most cases, the entire premises are fixed by them, thereby leaving no cause for concern.

Here are some important and essential benefits of making investments in turn key properties.

They save energy and time

When you decide to invest your good money in a turnkey property, you will find that in all likelihood it costs you a little more as you may have to rehab it before looking for a tenant. The ensuing process allows you to save on time as all improvement work has to be carried out on the double and without any time wastage. Though real estate investing serves to be a demanding process for investors, going the turnkey way helps in spending valuable time and energy; thus allow investors to expend time on other investment decisions.

Stress is minimized

When you choose to buy a property that needs a lot of fixing, say replacement of tiles, repairs in the roof or basement, etc. the entire act can become demotivating and stressful; right? However, in the case of turnkey properties, you need not look for painters, plumbers, electricians, carpenters or other service professionals on your own. All this and more will be taken care of by your reliable turnkey property managers.

Lesser risks

There are quite a few risk elements connected with the fixing of income properties. You need the energy, time, methods and money to deal with it all. Then, you have to figure out the background of your perspective tenants and the risks involved in assuring long-term returns on your investments. By deciding to invest in turnkey properties, you can go a long way in averting these risks.

Get immediate money

Turnkey real estate investments are capable of giving you quick returns and immediate cash flows as soon as they are purchased. By buying one such property, you need not wait for the time spent in rehabbing the not so ready properties or getting them to a state where they can be rented out easily.

Excellent first choice

Lack of or inadequate experience levels may deter certain investors from earning good money from their real estate investments. Turn key projects are comparatively safer for beginners in this context. By now, you must be totally convinced about the utility of such investments and how they can prove to be beneficial for your needs. Think turn key and get rid of the many stresses that may come your way.